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Research has shown an association between the intake of omega-3 and anxiety. The study revealed a noticeable reduction in anxiety in a group of healthy young individuals when consumption of fish oil was increased. Omega-3 fatty acids

A compound called homobrassinolide, a type of brassinosteroid found in plants, produces an anabolic effect, and could increase the size and number of muscle fibers as well as increase muscle mass. Researchers have discovered that when

There are ways that require little effort that can help you to lose weight without exercising and dieting. Here are 10 ways how to lose weight with no exercise

Doesn’t every household have a ton of broken old crayons lying around in their craft rooms, drawers, buckets, boxes? I’m always wondering what to do with those little guys. If you’ve been wondering too, then this post is for you!... Continue Reading →

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Between La-Z-Boy locations and unintentionally teaching their little ones some choice profanity, there's a lot going on in the celebrity couple's home these days.

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Between July 1, 2013, and July 1, 2016, there were 329 cargo thefts reported in Los Angeles County, the report states.

A swath of winter weather across the Southeast ranging from north Texas through Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, the Carolinas and into Virginia could begin to take a toll on highway conditions Friday afternoon into Saturday. Two states have also suspended HOS regs.

Thursday, December 1, 2016
by The Trucker News Services
Ohio Gov. John Kasich sits inside the Otto self-driving truck during an event Wednesday at Dublin, Ohio, where the governor announced a $15 million investment to install advanced highway technology along the state’s Smart Mobility Corridor. (Courtesy: OHIO DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION)
DUBLIN, Ohio — Continuing to build its reputation as a world leader in smart mobility, including…

In the start of a new video series of preventable or not scenarios, test your knowledge on whether these weather-related accidents could have been prevented.

The winner will be announced next March at the Mid-America Trucking Show in Louisville, Ky. A panel of industry judges will select the winner from a list of finalists.

The trucking industry is enormous and vital. it remains the primary way we move goods and touches the lives of nearly the entire American population...

Whether you’re making breakfast, a post workout snack or a chilly beverage for a day by the pool, smoothies are a great option. That’s because they do more than just taste good; when packed with

EV drivers can expect a charging station about every 50 miles on a new network of interstate highways announced by the Department of Transportation.

While more than 600 smaller roads in North Carolina remained closed Oct. 17 because of high water from the floods caused by Hurricane Matthew, Interstate 95 reopened in both directions that morning. That good news followed the reopening of I-40 on Oct. 14.

Flooding continues to plague North Carolina following Hurricane Matthew’s landfall this weekend, leaving portions of Interstate 95 closed.

Road to Zero partners hope to accelerate the development of advanced vehicle technologies, the DOT says, along with addressing infrastructure challenges of both today and the coming decades.

I love walnuts! My mom loved to cook with them because they add flavour and crunch to any meal. Now I know that walnuts are also highly nutritious, so much so that I consider them a powerfood.. 12 Benefits of Walnuts: High in omega-3 fatty acids (just 1/4 cup provides 90.8 percent of the daily

Today, American Trucking Associations released the latest edition of the leading almanac of trucking – ATA American Trucking Trends 2016 – showing the industry posted gains in employment, number of truck drivers and truck sales through 2015.

You don’t need acres or a green thumb to create these low-maintenance arrangements.

We all dream about owning an awesome cabin, but what about an invisible boulder cabin? Check out these amazing pictures.

Gardening activities for kids that are fun and kids will love. Teach kids how to garden and grow an avocado plant, flowers, fruit and vegetable plants.

How does a putting green sound?
Or a pool table?
Or swinging chairs?
Does your office measure up?
Take a look at the slideshow above at just some of the cool places people in New Jersey work.
Call it a sneak peek at how some New Jersey companies have turned their work spaces into offices of the future.

Take shelter in your car if you are not near a sturdy building. If possible, drive to a nearby sturdy building. Otherwise, move your car to a location where it is less likely to be hit by falling trees or powerlines
If no shelter is available avoid trees, power lines, and the side of the road. Keep in mind that power lines that are laying on the ground may be live. Do not go near them! Try to find a place that will…

You found a La-Z-Boy chair that you like, but the fabric isn’t you. Luckily, you can change the fabric to completely change the look. Watch to see how design...

Matt & Jacque are here today to show you an amazing feat. They will show you how to build custom built in bookcases.

original source unknown, found here Country Living La Maison d’Annag Southern Weddings Alexander Waterworth The Design Files // Photo by Sean Fennessy So what do you think? Do you love the look of an eclectic mix or completely mismatched dining chairs or do you prefer the more formal look of a matched set? There’s no right …