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Have you ever really thought about how clutter accumulates in your home? We all have things that we cherish like a set of favorite golf clubs or a comfortable chair for binge-watching TV. Bu

Would you like to keep your valued possessions at a modern storage facility in Addison, Illinois?If you travel along the I-355 and I-290 Interchange, you’ve undoubtedly noticed, there’

Summer is a popular season for moving, but what’s cheaper, buying a house in the summer or winter? Summer is a popular time for moving and house hunting, but is it really the best season f

According to a new CPSC report of fireworks incidents in 2016, 11,100 consumers were injured and treated in U.S. hospital emergency rooms and four died as a

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Bad habits are behaviors that we've internalized and carry out almost without noticing. We might not realize some of these habits right away, but they usually make themselves apparent in the long-term. This is why

Happiness can be elusive with this kind of negative thinking, and constant negative thoughts can impede your progress in all areas of life

A compound called homobrassinolide, a type of brassinosteroid found in plants, produces an anabolic effect, and could increase the size and number of muscle fibers as well as increase muscle mass. Researchers have discovered that when

We love seeing the amazing work academics are able to do with Twitter data, and want to make sure our policies strike the right balance of enabling research use cases, while protecting our users and our platform. Since publishing updated versions of the Developer Policy and Agreement (that go into effect on June 18), we’ve heard feedback from members of the academic research community about a…

1. Plan Many people underestimate the importance of mental planning. Planning how you're going to study or go about learning something new is one of the most important steps to learning something quickly and efficiently. If

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According to a recent survey, more millennials are living at home than ever before. Research shows that they look at their parents as friends.

There are ways that require little effort that can help you to lose weight without exercising and dieting. Here are 10 ways how to lose weight with no exercise

As part of our ongoing efforts to simplify and streamline our infrastructure, we’ll shortly be deploying an updated routing component. This will have some impact on the structure and format of HTTP headers returned on API responses. Currently, HTTP headers returned on calls to the Twitter APIs may be rendered in mixed case (e.g. Content-Type, X-Rate-Limit-Remaining, X-Access-Level). The change that will be deployed will force all HTTP headers into lowercase (content-type, x-rate-limit-rema...

Twitter began life as an SMS-based service, and back in 2006 when the REST API was initially conceived, many of the original SMS commands were provided through the API, for ease of development. Specifically, if the text of a Tweet status update starts with the characters D, M, or DM, followed by a user’s screen name, a Direct Message will be sent to the named user (assuming this is possible, based on account settings and follow relationship). Alternate leading characters are used, depending…

Weekend bag? Check! Family and friends? Check! Top down? Check! Favorite playlist locked and loaded? Check! It’s finally time to head out on that road trip you’ve been dreaming about. But before you take that epic road trip, we want to help save you money and headaches down the road! Here are a few tips to make sure your tires are prepared to get you to your ultimate destination.

The good news, DARK chocolate is a relatively healthy and delicious way to boost your energy level

For as hard as fleets work for a 1% gain in fuel efficiency, it's hard to imagine giving up something like 2-4% in fuel efficiency to something as simple as maintaining correct inflation pressure, especially today when almost every inflation or monitoring system on the market offers payback in less than a year.

Listening to music can trigger the release of large amounts of dopamine, the body's "feel good" chemical that can help reinforce positive thinking

Research shows that resistance training offers similar benefits as aerobic exercise in lowering blood pressure. The researchers investigated changes to arteries as well as blood flow after forty five minutes of moderate intensity resistance exercise making