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Can’t make it to the gym? No problem, this 10-minute workout is designed for small spaces.

According to a meta-analysis of existing studies, a magnesium rich diet could lower risk of diseases such as type-2 diabetes, stroke and coronary heart disease

Extreme deficiencies of minerals and vitamins are uncommon in the developed world. On the other hand, research shows that slight deficiencies in some nutrients could be fairly common.[ref]PMID: 10138938[/ref] If you do not consume a nutritious

According to research, brain scans are able to accurately predict if smokers can adhere to a smoking cessation program. The researchers tested 28 heavy smokers who were recruited from a smoking cessation program. Each individual

Individuals that have acute lower back pain who had been instructed to remain active in spite of the pain fared a lot better than people who were advised to modify their activity according to their