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According to research, brain scans are able to accurately predict if smokers can adhere to a smoking cessation program. The researchers tested 28 heavy smokers who were recruited from a smoking cessation program. Each individual

A compound called homobrassinolide, a type of brassinosteroid found in plants, produces an anabolic effect, and could increase the size and number of muscle fibers as well as increase muscle mass. Researchers have discovered that when

Individuals that have acute lower back pain who had been instructed to remain active in spite of the pain fared a lot better than people who were advised to modify their activity according to their

1. Plan Many people underestimate the importance of mental planning. Planning how you're going to study or go about learning something new is one of the most important steps to learning something quickly and efficiently. If

Can’t make it to the gym? Slip these almost effortless moves into your day this holiday season to burn fat as you go.

Rates of soda consumption have been dropping for decades -- with 41 percent in 2002, now at 63 percent of Americans trying to avoid soda.

Listening to music can trigger the release of large amounts of dopamine, the body's "feel good" chemical that can help reinforce positive thinking

Study shows that our immune system functions better when we get enough sleep and provides more evidence of how sleep impacts health

According to an analysis of existing studies, fewer repetitions of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts could provide better fitness benefits

Research shows that high protein meals increase perceived appetite as well as satiety in obese and overweight men while undergoing a weight loss program

Studies have shown that speaking two languages makes our brains work harder and uses more cognitive processes

Vitamin D and depression - it’s not clear if low vitamin D levels cause depression, or if low vitamin D levels are secondary to depression

Think twice before you sip—these beverages pack as much sugar and calories as a can of soda.

What's the best way wake up our brains and get over that feeling of fatigue and exhaustion? Taking a nap improves brain activation and improves our level of alertness, memory, sense of humor, and creativity.

To lose weight, a person needs to use up more calories than consumed. One pound of fat equals about 3,500 calories. To lose one pound of fat, the body needs to use up 3,500 calories. By

Build a fully featured chat application on Android using Twitter Fabric, Digits, and PubNub with this detailed tutorial for software developers.

Women should consume about 91 oz. (2.7 liters) of water a day and men should consume about 125 oz. (3.7 liters), from beverages as well as food. Daily water intake is affected by activity level,

There needs to be a reason for your muscles to get bigger otherwise they just won't grow. A quite obvious reason for your muscles to grow is for them to get stronger. But for muscles

Developing realtime Android apps is easy and quick when using Twitter's Fabric toolkit. It accelerates app development and provides many "out of the box" realtime data features.

According to research, choosing the appropriate size and also color of dishes could help you to eat a smaller amount. Read the full-length article: The Right Size and Color of Plates Can Help You Eat Less Other

If you are the sort of person that easily catches the sniffles, coughs, and colds, here are some easy and effective ways to boost your immune system

The risk of gestational diabetes can be determined up to 7 years before pregnancy based on assessing measures of body weight and blood sugar routinely. 580 ethnically diversified women participated in the study and women who