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A stint on the Whole30 inspired Aimée Lutkin to try a new healthy habit every month and weight loss success followed. Here's how she did it.

This isn’t about kids playing “Fortnite” or “Call of Duty” for a few hours in the basement. As with any medical disorder, the person affected must be seriously impaired.

Veterans make an incredible sacrifice in order to protect America and its freedom. When they return home, they deserve a hero’s welcome and a clear path to a secure future. However, many face struggles as they transition back to civilian life—from physical and mental disabilities to employment difficulties. VA is committed to supporting Veterans through their adjustment period and beyond, helping them attain fulfilling careers, greater…

Several local veterans had an opportunity to address U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs leaders and voice their concerns over an array of issues during Wednesday's town hall meeting at the clinic in Chattanooga.

A community room at one of the new buildings at the Minneapolis Veterans Home was dedicated to Vietnam veteran Wallace “Skip” Schmidt Wednesday ...

Malaria infects more than 200 million people a year, the World Health Organization says. It killed 445,000 in 2016, mostly children.

The "fridge fill" program also authorizes Veterans a one-time allowance of food and supplies for the equivalent of six people, regardless of the Veteran’s family size.

Our 15th edition focuses on a topic often-requested by our readers: Category E Projects – Buildings and Equipment. Author Judy Wolf takes an in-depth look at this subject and aptly reminds readers that “Understanding all the elements and policy considerations that go into developing and implementing all Category E projects… Our 15th edition focuses on …

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Great custom home/duplex with good income potential! This well built, high quality home has a detached garage with 1BR 576 SF MIL apartment above. Main house has 3156 SF of living space which includes a 937 SF unfinished, insulated basement. Enjoy the private landscaped yard while only minutes from downtown.

Jul 11, 2016 | Leadership
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As the end of the school year draws to a close, administrators start pulling together their PD plans for the summer in preparation for the next year. Meanwhile, teachers sit anxiously by with the dread that can only come with the anticipation of the dreaded PD days that their contract says they must attend. It’s not that teachers don’t want to grow and improve their craft. They do, and they find…

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Six of the most frequently asked questions as they relate to Business Income Insurance.

Once rusty, crusty and rough, industrial style has a new look that skews shinier, softer and more polished

ANVCA is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide services that will improve the efficiency, profitability and stability of member village corporations & to build a network of mutual supp

Assisting policyholders in understanding which types of damages will be covered by normal flood insurance, NFIP and FEMA.

A signed agreement with Travel Link Marketing (TLM) to raise awareness of Alaska directly to Chinese consumers. TLM will develop content for Weibo, WeChat, and other online social media accounts, building upon the existing State of Alaska Chinese-language tourism website
Relaunch of Alaska Media Roadshow (after a one-year hiatus)
Presence at 6 trade events
In May, the Alaska legislature allocated $3 million for statewide destination marketing…

Marketing Alaska as THE Destination of Choice 2018 Official State of Alaska Vacation Planner... 2019 edition coming soon! Ring in the New Year! Fiscal Year 2019 begins July 1, 2018 The State of Alaska Co-operative Marketing program was smaller in Fiscal Year (FY) 2018 than previous years, but, with your help, we leveraged the State of Alaska's $3 million capital grant for statewide destination marketing with…

Learn about the nature-inspired hue that works for everything from accent walls to exteriors.

Whether known or unknown, over and over this morning, the names of those buried at Camp Nelson National Cemetery were read aloud in tribute to service not forgotten.

The monument honors and pays tribute to Gold Star families whose loved ones died in military service. It’s the 36th such monument in the United