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A Marine Corp veteran is on a mission to honor his brother and help veterans with mental illness with a long cross country journey.

Not only do military members provide an invaluable service to our country, many also contribute significantly to our economy after their service as veteran business owners.

Mike Fitzmaurice enlisted in the U.S. Army with some buddies at the height of the Vietnam War and later found himself in Khe Sanh, Vietnam. For his actions there, he received the Medal of Honor.

Research is helping Iraq Army Veteran Lance Caver pursue his acting career as he copes with traumatic brain injury and adult growth hormone deficiency.

According to the Veterans Health Administration’s (VHA) Office of Veterans Access to Care, as of July 9, more than 3.24 million patients have received VEText messages and canceled 319,504 appointments, freeing up time slots for other Veterans to use.

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You’ve darkened your bedroom. It’s quiet. You’ve set the temperature to a comfortable 68 degrees. You’ve avoided eating or exercising before bedtime. You get adjusted regularly to quiet down your nervous system. You’ve avoided the blue light emitted by your digital device. It’s time to fall asleep
Now what?
If you’re someone…

4 Steps for Finding a Health Care Provider You Trust With Your Sex Life - A doctors discusses the importance of a trusting, compassionate bond between doctor and patient. Learn what questions you can ask to find the service you deserve.

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Trump’s anti-abortion proposal isn’t just extremely unpopular — it’s also extremely dangerous. And Americans don’t want it.

It's no secret that many of Hollywood's brightest stars didn't start out with perfectly aligned, pearly-white teeth. And these days, plenty of celebs are willing to share their stories, showing how dentists help those megawatt smiles shine. In a recent interview with W magazine, Emma Stone, the stun

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Louisa Opoku is the first in her family to go to college in the United States. Thanks to the Miracle-Ear Foundation and the Miracle-Ear of Chesapeake, VA, sh...

Mission: To advocate and foster the well being of at risk youth so they may lead productive lives
POWER Teen Center Update
Our awesome Peer Outreach Workers continue to keep the drop-in center humming along, with new leadership. Seina Bell is now managing the center in her new expanded role as program manager for Alaska Youth Advocates, added to her previous role as program manager for Alaska Seeds of Change. Luckily, she's had lots of help from AYA's parent company, Anchorage Community Mental…

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