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For some, competing for a world championship is the highlight of the annual ATA Martial Arts World Expo in Little Rock. For Stephen Bethards of Lexington, Kentucky, there was much more on the line.With my stress and my anxiety and stuff like that, I don't

Peter O’Rourke, along with the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee chairman, addressed questions about the historic and transformative improvements being made at VA including the signing of the MISSION Act, consolidating community care programs and implementing the forever GI Bill.

144 Community Veteran Engagement Boards across the country are working to solve local Veteran issues. The United Veterans Committee of Colorado has championed Veteran issues for decades.

Veterans with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) and related identities face increased health risks and unique challenges in accessing quality health care that is delivered in a welcoming, inclusive environment.

Trump’s anti-abortion proposal isn’t just extremely unpopular — it’s also extremely dangerous. And Americans don’t want it.

A VA pilot study is looking at whether two types of video-game-like appscan help improve cognitive health in older Veterans with a history of traumatic brain injury.

VA is reviewing previously denied claims from World War II Veterans who participated in full-body testing for mustard gas or Lewisite in the 1940’s. The claims are being reconsidered as part of Public Law 115-48, Section 502.

Like a lot of Veterans, Jerry Marifke didn't talk much about war, neither did his son and grandson. Their mutual service was an unspoken bond of understanding that never required questions.

There are some particular high-risk foods to watch out for. Be on the lookout and follow these seven tips to avoid food-borne illnesses at your next cookout

At the Baltimore VA Medical Center, Veterans with PTSD have participated in group-based exposure therapy, benefiting from mutual support—and a therapist’s guidance—as they tackle group outings such as bus rides and restaurant visits.

There are any number of life events that can result in an overpayment to the VA, and these can result in changes in the amount of benefits a Veteran receives. It's important to let VA know whenever there is a change that could impact benefits.

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) honors the contributions of Nurse Manuel Martin—Central California Health Care System’s Nurse of the Year

It's no secret that many of Hollywood's brightest stars didn't start out with perfectly aligned, pearly-white teeth. And these days, plenty of celebs are willing to share their stories, showing how dentists help those megawatt smiles shine. In a recent interview with W magazine, Emma Stone, the stun

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Tobacco treatment coaches at Bay Pines offer the highest level of support, education and behavioral strategies to aid Veterans in their journey to becoming tobacco free.

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Louisa Opoku is the first in her family to go to college in the United States. Thanks to the Miracle-Ear Foundation and the Miracle-Ear of Chesapeake, VA, sh...

Mission: To advocate and foster the well being of at risk youth so they may lead productive lives
POWER Teen Center Update
Our awesome Peer Outreach Workers continue to keep the drop-in center humming along, with new leadership. Seina Bell is now managing the center in her new expanded role as program manager for Alaska Youth Advocates, added to her previous role as program manager for Alaska Seeds of Change. Luckily, she's had lots of help from AYA's parent company, Anchorage Community Mental…

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Sean Tracy has met more than 200 veterans learning about their war experiences. He interviews them and builds models of the vehicles they served on.

Recess is the perfect time for activists like you to tell your members of Congress just what you think about their stances on issues that matter most.

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Doing your best to nurture your mental and physical health can keep your spine happy
When we explain that physical, chemical and emotional stress is the underlying cause of subluxations, many wonder how emotions can cause spinal misalignments. Yet, our language reveals some common connections
“I just can’t stand it.”
“He’s a real pain in the neck.”
“She’s cramping my style.”
“My feet are killing me.”…

In the early Eighties, dentists began noticing symptoms among a few patients that indicated something far more serious. They were, in fact, among the first healthcare providers to recognize what we now know as HIV-AIDS.
Today, about 1.2 million Americans have contracted the Human Immunodeficiency V