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Wondering why you should save money in college? Wondering how you can save money as a student? If your answer is yes, read this post.

By Tim Bradner Those new oil discoveries announced recently on the North Slope are pretty remarkable. It wasn’t too long ago that we’d pretty much given up on major new finds, at least in areas open to exploration. Now billion-barrel new fields are being found. They aren’t super-giants like the...

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Third Quarter 2018 Multi-Family Market Report for Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts. Prepared and presented by top Realtor Charles Cherney.

The company just hit a big network expansion milestone that gives it the power to connect millions of homes across the country to super fast internet speeds.

Member-sponsored, Non-commercial FM community radio station serving the Tampa Bay area since 1979 with diverse programming, news and public affairs.

As fears of airline pilot shortages become real, David Learmount reports from the 2018 RAeS International Flight Crew Training Conference, held on 25-26 September.

From California to Maryland, dams across the United States are being removed to help fish, improve safety and boost recreation.

Discover the Mid Cambridge neighborhood of Cambridge, Massachusetts with top Realtor Charles Cherney.

Loyalty is a critically important ingredient in both our business and our personal lives. Are you doing enough to create more loyalty in your work and life?

Alaskans love to go to Hawaii. As our kissing cousin on just about any map we've seen since childhood, we are close – a mere six hours on a direct fight from Anchorage. In winter the Hawaiian islands are a godsend, warming us up physically with full sunshine, cool trade winds and lots of fresh fruits that lift our spirits. We return refreshed and...

Dear Savvy Senior: I have arthritis in my hands that affects my grip strength and dexterity and makes brushing my teeth difficult. I’ve read that electric powered toothbrushes help make the job easier. Can you make any recommendations on what to get? -- Still Smiling Dear Still: For seniors who suffer from arthritis or have other hand weaknesses,...

Experts warn that we’ll keep having floods of feces unless governments change the way big producers do business — and consumers start eating less meat.

Third Quarter 2018 Single Family Market Report for Cambridge and Somerville, Massachusetts. Prepared and presented by top Realtor Charles Cherney.

It could be worse. In fact, it was worse. In the 1800s, if you were both poor and elderly, the chances are that your family was too poor to care for you. Moreover, contemporary researchers note that, “The elderly poor were regarded as ‘a burden on the local taxes’ and were ‘despised and often treated as outcasts.’” In some places you co...

Today we are happy to present our new October theme District. It is an artisan café and bakery with a clean and modern design. With its 9 layouts, 6 beautiful and distinct styles and free-to-use...

'Nobody's gonna beat her. I'm proud she's in the Republican conference,' Mitch McConnell said of the Senate GOP's biggest Planned Parenthood defender.

Come see the amazing transformation that paint and moulding can have on a space! @officialmetrie #mymetrie #oneroomchallenge

In the September issue of Trends the Alaska Department of Labor and Workforce Development looked at the upcoming US census. Every 10 years, the US federal government conducts a census which determines the number of representatives each state is allotted in the US House of Representatives. While Alaska is unlikely...