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Before yelling "no", at least think about the new smartphone generation. The trend is increasing the device's height, but not the width. Don't you think tha

The Deal $14 for a punch card good for four cups of espresso drinks or all-natural smoothies ($24 value)

Kikkan Randall and Jessie Diggins won gold in the women’s team sprint freestyle, the first U.S. medal in cross country since 1976.

140 new composite poles which will connect the Dorenell Wind Farm to SSEN's Blackhillock Substation, near Keith, have now been successfully installed with the help of a specialist helicopter from the USA.

We fly the Quest Kodiak turboprop into the heart of Utah's beautiful backcountry. An Erickson S–64 Aircrane is a passenger to Puerto Rico. ATC privatization ...

The Deal $119 for one reserved lower bowl season pass (up to $280 value) $199 for two reserved lower bowl season passes (up to $560 value) $379 for four reserved lower bowl season passes (up to $1,120 value) See the seating chart The upcoming season includes: AFC 134 on October 18 AFC 135 on November 15 AFC 136 on January 17 AFC 137 on February 14 AFC 138 on March 28 AFC 139 on April 18 AFC 140 on May 16

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The human spine is flexible enough to withstand a variety of activities, including early-morning stretches and late-night limbos under mall-security lasers. Give a hard-working backbone a tune-up with this voucher. $45 for a Chiropractic Exam and Two Adjustments (Up to $350 Value) Dr. Evan Tipikin aims to rebalance the body’s systems through custom and interactive chiropractic care focused on skeletal alignment. After a full consultation and…

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One Neuromuscular Orthopedic Evaluation Package. Includes: Consultation Examination X-rays Two chiropractic adjustments Two physiotherapy treatments

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Choice of: One Chiropractic Visit with 60-Minute Massage Three Chiropractic Visits with 60-Minute Massage Deal includes Chiropractic exam, x-rays, report of findings, adjustments, and 60-minute table massages.

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Photos courtesy of Matt Allen
Traditionally, kayak building was a rite of passage for young Alaska Native boys, a process that would mark the transition from boyhood to manhood. For a handful of Alaska Pacific University students, it’s also been the focus of a one-of-a-kind block course
Over the course of three weeks, Andrew Abyo coached his students through the finer points of kayak building — from maneuvering the backsaw to make more precise cuts to measuring angles so the finished product is…

Erickson Incorporated has strengthened its leadership team under CEO and director Douglas Kitani with the hiring of vice president and chief financial officer Stephen Wideman and corporate controller Micheal Hausinger.

Kim Doan
My son, Dylan, learned his colors relatively easily. As a mom, I did what other moms did—I pointed to colors and named them and then I pointed to objects and asked him to name the color. Somewhere between 3 and 4 years old, Dylan learned that he was “brown.” Now, my son is half African American which technically makes him “black.” But, when it comes to crayon colors, the children were more accurate in that his skin color matches brown…

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