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Mathematical models developed by the USGS, UAF, and NOAA forecast various aspects of how a volcanic ash plume will interact with wind—where, how high, and how fast ash particles will be transported in the atmosphere, as well as where ash will fall out and accumulate on the ground. AVO runs these models when a volcano is restless by assuming a reasonable hypothetical eruption, in order to provide a pre-eruptive forecast of areas likely to be affected. During an ongoing eruption, AVO will update…

Whether you need to boost productivity, enhance security, resiliency and collaboration, or gain mobility for your workforce, we can help you simplify and improve how you do business.

Special project by and — We spoke to photographers, designers, and content curators to help us weigh in on ideas, movements and trends in visual communication that are shaping this not so distant future.

Meet Bill Stoller, founder of Stoller Wine Group, which offers a suite of sustainable wine brands to vino sippers throughout Oregon.

The Emergency Operations Center (EOC) has been deactivated. The Emergency Declaration remains in effect through tomorrow. Emergency response and recovery efforts will continue to operate ...

Good morning everyone!
Things are beginning to return to normal. We continue to have a large presence in the community to keep you safe. You have come together like Alaskans do and ...

Happy belated Thanksgiving from all of us at API! Today we're grateful to have the opportunity to provide priceless experiences for hundreds of students

Do you find yourself constantly dissatisfied with your creative endeavours? You’re not alone.

What You'll Be CreatingLearning WordPress development isn't just about learning to code PHP.You'll also need some HTML and CSS skills if the sites, themes and/or plugins you create are going to...

In the second of our Open Innovation series, CWT’s Brandon Balcom, senior director of Open Innovation, shares his top tips on successfully working with...

This week's 49 Voices features Chugiak resident Jim Baldwin, executive director of the Food Bank of Alaska.

Inspiring Inquiry and Improvement in Pharmacy Practice, Education, and Policy. A quarterly publication featuring case studies, clinical experiences, commentaries, idea papers, original research, review articles, and student projects that focus on leading edge, novel ideas for improving, modernizing, and advancing pharmacy practice, education, and policy. INNOVATIONS in pharmacy.

Additional rate reductions are available for low- to moderate- income borrowers and for properties meeting energy efficiency criteria
It is the Sellers responsibility to apply the appropriate interest rate based on loan amount
1 Rural Owner Occupied and Rural Non-Owner Occupied Loan Programs - Interest Rates are applied to the first $250,000 only. The balance is at the Rural Rate plus 1%.
2 For a limited…

Alaska has a federal mandate to provide language assistance to voters who need it. This year, full ballot translations are available in 10 languages, including eight Alaska Native languages and dialects. Listen now

Tire Siping involves cutting slices across the tire tread to improve traction of the tire.If you're not sure about tire siping when buying tires, ask our team of experts.

Today in Anchorage, Danielle Riha, a teacher at the Alaska Native Cultural Charter School, was honored as the 2019 Alaska Teacher of the Year. Listen now

Please report ashfall to us by email or phone (786-7497). We'd like to know your location, time, if the fall is light or heavy, and the current weather. It would help us if you collect a sample for us. Here are instructions.

Need a ride to church? Take the bus! Each Sunday morning the Bus KIDS Ministry gives children and adults a ride to and from church.

Ian is a lifelong Alaskan and a military veteran. He has more than 20 years of experience in the real estate industry, including more 15 years in lending. Alaska Housing has programs that can help all Alaskans with their home ownership needs. They provide competitive rates with lower closing costs in many cases than conventional mortgage products.

Watch Anchorage Baptist Temple's ABT Services on Dr. Jerry Prevo has served as Senior Pastor of the Anchorage Baptist Temple for over 47 years. He is one of the most influential people in the state of Alaska.
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Contact Baltazar's Tire Shop for tire and auto repair questions and quotes in Anchorage, AK and Eagle River, AK.

Join a job pool or contact Human Resources
Hiring units such as departments, may wish to establish a pool of individuals who are qualified for positions. These pools are ongoing, meaning they do not have closing dates and accept applications on an ongoing basis.
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