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Guest post by: Christian Muntean Alaska’s Baby Boomers stand on the threshold of what will be, for many, the largest opportunity in their careers. But most of them don’t see it. Or just aren’t ready for it. The few that do are positioned to win big. According to the U.S....

My HealtheVet is a free, easy to use, private and secure patient portal. It empowers Veterans and service members to take charge of their health and well-being as active partners with their health care teams.

Sept. 3, 2009, was a date that was 14 years in the making for Air Force veteran Kevin Cook. He first entered a Department of Veterans Affairs medical

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Veterans advocates point to a host of medical maladies found to have possible links to military service, including cancers, Type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease and heart condition.

Today 1 in 7 franchises is veteran-owned. That's no surprise: Many key military skills align perfectly with the franchise business model.

Cleanses can leave you hangry, sluggish and bloated — here's the right way to reboot your diet without restriction.

Incorporate a business, form an llc, or start a business of any structure with the corporate filings experts at Corpnet. Business license and registration services available. Call 1-888-449-2638.

Herpes viruses which cause roseola, one of the most common childhood illnesses, more abundant in brains of people who died of Alzheimer's

VA nursing homes have better staff-to-resident ratio than private sector facilities, writes Peter O’Rourke, acting director of the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Last-mile logistics goes beyond offering customers same-day delivery, and that's forcing retailers to rethink their entire omnichannel strategy.

Kuoni Congress has received ISO 20121 certification from SGS, becoming the first event planner in Spain to achieve this certification.

Do you know what causes your bad breath? WebMD quizzes you about bad breath, its causes and prevention, good dental hygiene, and diseases that give you bad breath.

June 4, 2018, 1:03 PM EDT
Young Americans are hitting more and more homeownership roadblocks: crippling student debt, escalating home prices, surging mortgage rates and a scarcity of listings
So why have they gone on a buying binge
First-time buyers accounted for 46 percent of new mortgages (excluding refinancings) that Freddie Mac backed in the first quarter, their biggest quarterly share in data going back to…

An original kitchen in New Jersey becomes a functional and stylish space for a family of 5

The VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System is expanding therapy services to victims of military sexual trauma by using some of the latest advancements in telehealth technology. In an effort to assist those unable to travel for face-to-face MST counseling sessions, clinical psychologists now provide therapy to Veterans using smartphones, tablets and computers with webcams in their homes. “We highly recommend in-person MST therapy whenever possible, but…

The standard for paints, varnishes and paint systems commonly used to protect against corrosion will undergo substantial revision. Find out how we can help.

FAIRBANKS — Sprinkled throughout the Tongass National Forest in Alaska’s Southeast Panhandle are giant cedar trees with hollowed out cores at their bases. Big enough to walk into, and showing

Drug prices in the United States are too high – nearly everyone agrees. But political consensus stops at how to lower prices and fix the problem. If it were easy, a simple solution would be found. But paying for prescription drugs is a complicated web of prices, incentives, rebates and discounts among the drug companies, insurance companies and t...

If Congress doesn't act before July 31, no new policies through the government program could be issued or renewed. Existing policies would remain in effect, however.

If you’re dealing with frequent headaches, make an appointment with our practice
You may believe that everyone gets headaches. After all, they’re normal, right? Some are dull; others are throbbing. Some occur on only one side; others produce nausea or light and sound sensitivity
Common? Yes. But normal? Nope.
The three most common types of headaches are:
Tension headaches caused by muscle tension in the head,…