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The bread that God gives enables us to do the impossible. Humanly speaking, all that he bids us do is impossible, from the invitation to believe to the exhor...

God is not only concerned about our souls; he is concerned about our bodies too. The body is the instrument of the soul; God graciously and abundantly provid...

Our fellowship with God is established by the blood of Christ and mediated by the Word of God. The goal of that fellowship is that we should do his will and ...

To keep its TERRA broadband network running, each summer GCI has to refuel, by air, giant diesel tanks at 22 remote mountaintop repeater sites throughout Western Alaska.

Are you feeling a little unprepared for the end of the school year? While it is exciting for the kids to get a break from class and homework, for moms the end of the school year often signals the beginning of what can be a chaotic season. Prioritize self care this summer with these 9 …

There are millions of reasons to feel grateful. Acknowledge them all, big and small, on Thanksgiving day and every day, and you just may put yourself on the path to better health.

Find assistance with school, health care or behavior related issues through Parent Navigation, or be connected with other families in similar situations
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If you are a parent, professional or youth with special needs, Stone Soup Group offers year-round activities and training to help you gain skills and connect with others in our community
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There are 6 main types of self-care. If you're not sure what self-care is, let me tell you about the different types of self-care and how they can help.

Emotional intelligence consists of self-awareness, self-management, social management and relationship management. Implicit in the concept is that

Having a party with your children can be a wonderful and memorable way to welcome the new year. Here are 10 things to do with kids on New Year's Eve.

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by Anne Fishel, Ph.D Dr. Anne K. Fishel is a co-founder of The Family Dinner Project and a clinical psychologist, teacher, blogger, and family therapist. S