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Steve Cole reports
The Federation Heavy Drone Cruiser is coming soon to our shop on Shapeways.
This was a week of steady work on current projects. The big news was Leanna fell and has spent most of the week in hospital. This delayed the newsletters and continues to delay fulfillment of orders. We are working on getting orders back on track.
Steve and Leanna Cole were out most of the week. Steve came in to finish up the newsletters and make contingency plans…

"Target and bearing?" Korath demanded
"Toward the star, not us or the Tholian," Korm replied. "Probably a probe drone like the two we have already used."
"Communications Officer," Korath ordered, "send this signal to all ships, and make sure the Romulan ship gets a copy. ÅNo ship of the joint science squadron is to launch a probe or probe drone without first announcing this fact to the others. All ships are to take all weapons off line. All combat drones on racks…

Steve Cole reports: This was a week of steady work on current projects. The big news was the release of over 50 new items in our shop on Shapeways
The Starlist Update Project moved forward with two new entries and two updates.
Steve and Leanna Cole were on vacation this week.
Steven Petrick worked on Star Fleet Battles updates, quality control assembly and shipping, and the Gorn Master Starship Book.
Mike rebuilt the inventory.
Wolf guarded the office, chasing away a Troodon.

Ballroom Dance Competition open to the world held every September. Bringing the best to Boston for an unforgettable Ballroom dance event.

Actress also opens up about motherhood and having her oldest son go back to school

Compact and subcompact cars sat on dealer lots for weeks as the SUV craze in the U.S. accelerated. Early this year, dealers and industry analysts started to see a change, with sales and prices for used compact and subcompact cars increasing after taking a fall every year since 2013.

That's the result of measures taken since the 1980s, when laid-off Detroit autoworkers vented their frustrations by bashing Japanese cars with sledgehammers.

Just five years ago, U.S. vehicle sales were evenly split: 50 percent cars and 50 percent light trucks. Now, trucks outsell cars by a ratio of more than 2-to-1, and there's no sign of a car rebound anytime soon.