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The ThunderBolts use three home runs and two big innings to cruise past the Slammers 11-1

May is motorcycle awareness month. No matter what type of vehicle you’re driving, it is important to share the road and drive safely.

The Bolts erase a 5-0 deficit as Shane Carrier's walk-off double beats Joliet 6-5

Being eco-friendly is more than recycling and buying a fuel-efficient car. It is living every aspect of our lives intentionally, with our home, Earth, in mind. Preventing damage to our environment by living with a minimal ecological footprint is easier than ever before. Many businesses and manufacturers, like Firefly Store Solutions , have committed to a green, eco-friendly future. It is important for each business, from…

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Buckling up is the best way to protect yourself as a driver or a passenger. Learn more about seat belt safety and why you need to buckle up every trip.

The Bolts lose a late lead for the second time in three days in a 5-2 loss

In the bankruptcy alphabet, S is for the smile of relief that you get during the Bankruptcy process. People may think that bankruptcy is not a “happy” area of law, or a light-hearted process for the clients. But, if it is done right, bankruptcy can give lots of smiles. First reason to smile, bankruptcy is... [Read More]

The letter X in the Bankruptcy Alphabet stands for Executory contracts. (I know, it’s a stretch, but how many words begin with X?). An executory contract in bankruptcy language refers to a contract that is signed, and valid, but has not been completed yet. The best example of this is a lease. The lease is... [Read More]

So you got out of college with a boatload of debt, like most students. And, you have a mixture of Federal and Private Student Loans. Studies have shown that recent college grads are putting off buying homes because of the huge student debt obligations. So, Fannie Mae, the government-backed home lender (not the candy maker!)... [Read More]

Believe it or not, you and I have a lot in common with the multi-million-dollar earning athletes. We all have to follow the same rules of money health. Pay attention to the amount you spend, keep track of your expenses, and spend less than you earn. For pro athletes like Terrell Owens or Antionne Walker,... [Read More]

As temperatures rise so do your risks on the road. Learn how to avoid warm weather driving hazards with these tips.

Consumers should immediately stop using any recalled chest that is not properly anchored to the wall, and place it in an area that children cannot access. Consumers should contact South Shore to select one of the following recall options: • Consumers can receive a full refund with free pick-up of the Chest; • Consumers can also remove the drawer slides from one side of the Chest and receive packaging along with a prepaid shipping label from the company to mail in the drawer…

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You’ve been working hard for 10, 20, 30 years. All you are trying to do is pay your bills, make your rent or mortgage payments, and have enough left to pay for food, utilities, and a bit of relaxation, and maybe save some money. But, as it turns out, real life got in the way. ... [Read More]

PARK RIDGE, Ill. — A suburban mother and her husband welcomed quadruplets Thursday evening.
Marzena and Greg Nawracaj, a Glendale Heights couple, welcomed two boys and two girls at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge. The babies were named Hubert, Marcel, Lena and Sara.
The four have an older brother, Maximillian, who will get to meet them soon, according to a Facebook post from the hospital.

Chicago has a famous 6 way intersection called Six Corners. The intersection is where Cicero Avenue, Irving Park Road and Milwaukee Avenue meet. Also located in the Portage Park Neighborhood on the northwest side. The intersection was once famous for its art-deco style Sears, Portage Theater and as a retail destination. Six Corners has pending development, hopefully some new shopping and apartment buildings will be brought…

Once again, T-Mobile reported that it had the largest net addition of postpaid phone connections in the U.S. industry. The carrier added 656,000 in this category compared to a combined loss of 99,000 such connections by Verizon and AT&T.

“Using a tanning bed once increases a person’s risk of melanoma by 20 percent.”

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