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We know you’re on the go a lot during the summer: vacations, spending time with friends and family, trying to get outside when the heat isn’t too much. That’s why

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Steven Dillingham, Director of the Office of Strategic Information, Research, and Planning at the Peace Corps, was nominated to lead the Census Bureau through 2021.

A federal appeals court has overturned a decision that granted private industry organizations control over the use and publication of technical standards they developed after such standards have been incorporated into U.S. law.

The root of many of data breaches, and the damage and stress that accompanies them, lies the DNS.

Democrats in the Senate are reluctant to support the Trump administration's reorganization plan before OMB provides the underlying analysis used to justify claims it would lead to smoother governance.

The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee advanced a bill that would make it easier to fire federal employees for poor performance or misconduct.

Crucial Academy addresses skills gap, offering free training to ex-military.

The EU's competition chef explains why she believes Google deserves a record-sized fine over Android.

IGA extra Famille Duchemin nestled in Montreal’s Saint-Laurent borough is taking its rooftop garden, the largest organic supermarket green roof garden in the country, to a whole new level. Customers

Wednesday: A City Council bill addressing climate change, and the M.T.A.’s first accessibility chief.

Golf is no longer the only driver of a club’s success. It is now critical to be relevant to more people and across all generations. Wellness and fitness, organic menus and gardens, technology, social media, relaxed dress codes, new clubhouse decor and a multitude of activities for everyone – to name a few of these evolving club offerings.

Digitalization of industry is a huge opportunity to accelerate transformation in our energy systems, stabilize our climate and help economies adapt.

Another Hill hearing on social media shows members and staff struggling to keep pace with the knowledge required to do oversight on technology topics.

Russian indictments increase concerns over threats of phishing campaigns in midterm elections.

Environmental initiatives are taking hold on Yorkdale Shopping Centre's vast rooftops. Oxford Properties is reducing the carbon footprint of the giant mall at 401 and the Allen Road while becoming an environmental steward.

In a follow-up to a June report, auditors did not discover additional vulnerabilities in the Interior Department's management of five hydroelectric dams.

The Defense Department's acting deputy CIO for cybersecurity said to expect cyber and artificial intelligence strategies in the coming weeks.

Janus is NGA's unclassified cloud computing environment designed to provide near-real time access to commercial content and crowd- and community-sourced data.

A selection of articles, blog posts, videos and photos recommended by Q Source, Inc.

Experian conducted two separate surveys, posing questions to consumers and lenders on the use of alternative credit data, the benefits, concerns and whether they believe it should be used when making credit decisions. This infographic reveals the key findings from this work.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) sounded the alarm over the extent to which the American populace remains vulnerable to tech-powered misinformation campaigns, particularly false and doctored videos.