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The Opticians Association of America (OAA), in a partnership with Transitions Optical wants you to know what an Optician is. Truth is, most people don't know...

Excellence in Eyecare starts with a well educated provider. We're here to help you grow in knowledge, experience and skills making you the best Optician in town! Happy New Year!

Six-year-old Iestyn Phibben was found to have a large tumour on his brain which needed removing by top surgeons at the University Hospital of Wales

The Ophthalmic Career Progression Program (OCPP) is an apprenticeship training program coupling home-study with on-the-job-training. It is a complete study of the background and knowledge needed to become competent in the workplace as a professional Dispensing Optician. The OCPP has been accepted by several 'licensed' states as one way to meet your training and education requirements, however many employers in 'unlicensed' states also value the program…

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You don't have to re-invent your life to fit around your Apprenticeship Training... It already fits your schedule, budget and life style... Perfectly!

A smartphone app is as effective at testing eyesight as an optician's clinic, a trial suggests.

Our entry for the Great American Optician Video Contest for the Opticians Association of America. This is how we answered the question: "What is an optician?...

Licensed Opticians of Canada are front-line health professionals. Learn more about our process.

The optician’s job blends multiple technical skills & requires a flair for fashion. Opticians stay busy taking care of patient needs in a variety of ways.

You’ve heard it before, at least some version of it. You may have even heard it from a well-respected optician. In fact, if you’re an optician, you’re likely to believe it to be true
The problem with opticians [or more precisely optician pay and optician respect] is that ODs and chains and big box stores all want us to be salespeople. If they treated us like the professionals [we believe ourselves to be], we would be much happier, get more respect, and they…

Are opticians doomed to remain at the bottom of the totem pole of the three O’s or is their fate even worse
Opticianry is at a crossroads and very few are awake enough to realize it. As I mentioned previously, even amongst the downward pricing pressures, vision plans, and online sales, there is still opportunity in optical retail. But, taking advantage requires a huge shift in the way we think about opticians and about optical retail. The consequences of not making that shift,…

Ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians all take care of eyes, but their training and expertise in the management of eyesight are different.

A teenager from Northumberland owes his life to his optician after she spotted a large brain tumour during a routine eye test. Sam Storey, who's 19, from Hexham, had delayed making an appointment because he was concerned he may have to wear glasses.

What is a Rock Star Optician
Simply put, Rock Star Optician is a path forward for not just the optician, not just opticianry, but the entire eyewear industry. For opticians, it’s a way to move up, to earn more, get more respect, to get off the totem pole of O’s and perhaps most importantly, to love what you do.
Eyecare is a nearly $40 billion per year industry. Eyewear sales make up well over half of the optical revenue pie. That’s a valuable…

Simple eye tests could soon be used to spot warning signs of Alzheimer’s disease long before symptoms emerge, British scientists say.