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Pregnancy is one of life’s most precious experiences. You deserve only the best for you and your baby.

When was the last time that you went to your primary care doctor for a check-up? Remember these tips the next time you visit your health care provider

Taking care of your teeth can seem like a chore, but it’s nothing compared to flossing the scuba divers out of a whale’s baleen. Get a deep cleaning with this voucher. Choose Between Two Options $43 for dental exam, four bitewing x-rays, and cleaning (a $198 total value) $80 for dental exam, four bitewing x-rays, cleaning, and custom at-home bleaching trays (a $523 total value)

Choice of: One Haircut with Deep-Conditioning Treatment, Partial Highlights and Style One Haircut with Deep-Conditioning Treatment, Single-Process Color (Root Touch-Up) and Style

Being popular at the beach requires having smooth skin, a stylish swimsuit, and the strength to beat up all the lifeguards and save the drowning hunks yourself. Rule the shore with this voucher. The Deal $26 for one Brazilian wax (a $65 value)

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St. Luke's Orthopedic Specialists provide the most advanced diagnosis, treatment & rehabilitation for patients with a wide variety of disorders & injuries.

Did you know? Sugar often sneaks its way into your diet through drinks like juice or sodas
Sugar, in its many forms, is an increasingly common ingredient in processed foods. In fact, many of us eat the equivalent of 53 heaping teaspoons of white sugar every day! Many experts now agree that reducing sugar intake is an essential ingredient for natural health.
And in case you needed more convincing, here are five reasons to avoid refined (white) sugar.
Sugar causes the body to…

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Turning 18 comes with a lot of responsibility. Use this checklist to ensure your child knows what to do in case of a medical emergency.

Did you know? Headaches can result as a symptom from a cervical spine problem
The cervical spine – that is, the upper seven of our vertebrae – must surely rank among the most under-appreciated and most vital parts of our body. Its 37 separate joints endlessly allow the head and neck to move atop the torso – all the while obeying constant commands from the special senses and reflex mechanisms.
Look at it this way: the cervical spine faithfully holds up our heavy…

The big game is coming up, and let’s be honest – some of the best parts of game day are tailgating and parties. Here’s the kicker: gorging on game day

A pediatric dentist offers a wide range of treatment options, as well as expertise and training to care for your child’s teeth, gums, and mouth.

If you have a child between the ages of 12 and 17 who uses contact lenses, you should probably keep close watch on their use habits. The Centers for Disease

Why should you choose Invisalign over metal braces? Invisalign aligners offer more comfort and convenience compared to metal braces. Find more information here.

Your baby is building a beautiful smile, but you hate to see him suffering from teething pain.

WebMD lists 21 foods that seem healthy but can be shockingly high in fat, sugar, and calories. Tips show better options that still taste great.