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“In a sense, this is the most unusual place in the universe that we’ve ever seen” says an astronomer at UC Riverside that found that a murky void in space 500 million light years across had fewer galaxies than would be expected.

If you’re going to add plants around a street tree, make sure they’re not too thirsty and have shallow roots.

Yosemite official Kelly Martin recounts her own experience of sexual harassment at national parks and is leading efforts to fight it.

The co-founders of data.world believe that a common, collaborative platform for data can change the world.

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For LEMA Bethlehem: LEMAbethlehem
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That should be available by the start of Sept.
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We need donations for the basket raffle!!
We are 1 1/2 weeks away. We need your support to help make this event a success!
All proceeds from the basket raffle and kick a thon go to
the Headstrong Foundation and the Women's 5k Classic!
Thank you for your support!

EARLY service followed by a potluck. Enjoy a casual, early service and then plenty of time to eat, visit and shmooze. Yup - did it many years ago and maybe it's time to try it again! Note: potlucks don't have to be hard. Bring a cheese or veggie pizza, a large salad or a pan of mac and cheese...keep it simple
Date: Oct 19
***Alan Salinger's famous Adult Hebrew Class is now open for registration! Call Vikki at the office if you would…