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LEMA Martial Arts Night at the IronPigs
Friday Aug 17th 2018
Ticket orders must be delivered to LEMA Allentown and paid in cash.
See you at the game!

It’s hard to make better decisions faster when a company's culture lacks trust and empathy, according to LinkedIn CEO Jeff Weiner.

It’s only a matter of time before the next data breach hits your business. But this danger isn’t coming from a hacker sitting in a dark room an ocean away. It’s coming from inside the house.

This week's Business spotlight focuses on Washington, PA based Sweat Law Offices. With the expansion of Marcellus Shale and the opening of the Shell Cracker Plant the needs for a reliable oil and gas attorney is at an all time high in the region. Learn more about how Sweat Law can protect your property rights.

Choosing the right cancer center matters. Download your free guide now. Lung cancer is hard to find in its earliest stages. Knowing your level of risk can help you find lung cancer earlier, when it’s most treatable. You are at high risk for lung cancer if you:

New Wharton research examines which kinds of innovations spread more quickly than others in different networks and the role of influencers.

I had the privilege of attending the funeral and celebration of Grand Master Jhoon Rhee yesterday. I'm honored and humbled to be part of such an amazing tribute to an even more amazing man. I can only describe the event with one word. RESPECT
Grandmaster Jhoon Rhee has touched so many lives and has left a boundless legacy.
If you are a martial artist, and you want to further understand Respect, Honor, Integrity, and Loyalty, sit back and watch all or at least…

Best of the Valley 2018
Nominations are not final until voting begins on April 15, 2018. Any business or individual who does not provide good representation of Benchmark Media, Lehigh Valley Magazine or the competition may be determined to be ineligible and be eliminated from the competition at any time
Businesses who are determined not to match the definition of that category may also be eliminated. (For example, if a business is nominated for “Best Wings” but they don’t sell wings, they would…

We were thrilled when we found out our small business IT team was named an IT Department of the Year by the American Business Awards®!

Google is making big changes that will impact the way people visit your site. If you’re not prepared, you’ll see web traffic plummet.

As 'The Voice' gets closer and closer to reigning a new champion, next week's live show will also include some star-powered performances from Charlie Puth, 5 Seconds of Summer, and The Voice's very own Kelly Clarkson.

Whenever you’re sitting at a computer, be conscious of your posture and keep your feet evenly planted on the ground
As many people are finding themselves spending more time sitting slumped behind a screen or standing on their feet for hours on end without a break, paying attention to your posture is more important than ever. If you’ve never thought much about whether you’re sitting or standing stance is doing harm to your health, you might want to start before you find yourself…

We at LEMA recognize that none of us would be where we are today without the help of our parents
We are offering all mother's of existing LEMA "martial arts" students one month of free LEMA FIT classes or a month of martial arts classes for free. (Must Purchase Uniform)
If already training in our martial arts
Program or LEMA FIT, you can receive $5 off the purchase of one Adult Size LEMA Shirt.
(Not retroactive or for pre-orders)
schedule your first lesson.…

Natural health news published monthly by Gallagher Family Chiropractic | May 2018 Issue

'Renewal reminds us that everything old can become new again, from famed, aged restaurants to barely-there car insurance (much to the chagrin of your checking account). Get your first peek at progress using this offer from Shanty on 19th, where your mouth will be regaled with $20 worth of theatre district bistro dinner dining for just $10. Dinner can be a show of its own in a venue like Shanty on 19th, where mouths are entertained by unique offerings that tease, tempt and…