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Community engagement events should be a refreshing break from being buried in day-to-day tasks and the medical school curriculum.

The rule defines what types of water are subject to protection under the Clean Water Act.

An early-season rivalry on the softball field ended in lopsided fashion Monday night, as the Waxahachie Lady Indian bats exploded for 17 hits in a

Caleb High is having a powerlifting season for the record books. The Waxahachie senior is also rewriting those pages 21 years after their first

An eight-year-old school record fell on the track at Hewitt-Midway in the first meet for the Lady Indians this season. And it fell twice.
Both Emma

The retailer's survival exclusively depends on the ability to provide innovative offerings to customers.

Medical school rotations afforded me incredible opportunities to bolster not only my knowledge base but also my patient-related skills.

Being the consummate caregiver means retaining my human connection with patients, whether by old or new means.

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INTRODUCTION: An experiment in a program of research supporting the sense-assess-augment (SAA) framework is described. The objective is to use physiological measures to assess operator cognitive workload in remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) operations, and provide augmentation to assist the operator in times of high workload. In previous experiments, physiological measures were identified that demonstrate sensitivity to changes in workload. The current research solely focuses…

It is not clear how the Russians intend to control the new UCAV inside heavily defended airspace—especially where there is a lot of enemy jamming or cyber activity.

Choice of: One 60-Minute Classic Facial One Single Organic Facial Package

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