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Why does Twitter and 'Out' Magazine imply that cinema's best queer sex begins around 1998?

It’s good that Apple is a vocal supporter of privacy. But that doesn’t mean that its own behavior isn’t subject to criticism.

Remember that show we all totally knew about before the Golden Globes? They're making more of it.

Creativity and relationship building has always been the cornerstone of public relations; however, many times PR professionals don’t put data in the driver’s seat to ensure a successful campaign journey. Creating an effective campaign requires professional communicators to leave their hunches and guesswork at the curb. As data-collection and analytics tools continue to become more sophisticated and readily available, the PR pro has information at their…

One Minute Change has been featured on a TV morning show in New Mexico today! #OneMinuteChange #KQRE13

Reconnecting with herself through breathing, mindful eating, and embracing her spirit, this participant found the Body, Energy, Spirit Healing workshop power...

With Gina Rodriguez voicing the title character, Netflix's gorgeous new animated series is a worthy successor to the beloved original.

Comment letters give a sense of how developers are thinking about using the Opportunity Zones.