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We have seen numerous PREDATOR films over the years, dating back to when Arnold Schwarzenegger first stared down the alien threat in a jungle in 1987. Later this year, Shane Black (who actually...

To become a leader who is not just good, but great, it's critical that you go from I to we.

Tricia Bond has perfected the art of getting paid to do almost nothing. Watch her masterclass to learn how you can too. Written and directed by Willy Appelma...

Despite reports from Homeland Security and intelligence officials that election hacking on the scale of 2016 has yet to be seen, experts caution Russia could still strike between now and Election Day.

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Ahead of his show at Madison Square Garden tonight, Beck swung by "The Late Show" to play two "Colors" tracks.

The San Francisco company is shielding election agencies in red and blue states and localities from attacks, like denial of service, meant to sow mayhem.

To accept the EU's case, one has to ignore the reality of the modern internet. But this foolishness is becoming endemic.

Apple recently released an updated version of iOS, 11.4.1. They did so quietly, and without much fanfare, but the update includes one very powerful and exciting security update that's deserving of special attention. Specifically, the new version of iOS introduces...

Wall Street research firm Cowen and Company offered a glimpse into the kinds of customers who are signing up for Comcast’s mobile offering.

MathMobs are friendly competitions that tap into students’ motivation to play to engage them in math.

After designing an incredibly cheap home, the 20K Initiative is now working with Fannie Mae and others to redesign mortgages and the other factors that make home ownership so expensive.

Post-harvest foliage management is important for blueberries produced in both deciduous and evergreen systems in Florida. Healthy leaves maintained through flower bud differentiation in fall will ensure sufficient carbohydrate (sugar) reserves for uniform, early, berry production and leafing the following spring in deciduous production. In evergreen systems, foliar diseases that carry over on leaves reduce

HubSpot Research, 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it
Enter #FlowerMarketingMonday —
#FlowerMarketingMonday is a social media video campaign hosted by AFE, who has been launching promotional flower-buying videos on their Facebook page every Monday since April 2018 and will continue through December 2018
The short videos were originally submitted as a part of the Floral…

Hulu's new documentary is a modestly scaled—but not exactly revelatory—behind-the-scenes glimpse at the making of a ballet performance.

On Nelson's new album, the "Chairman of the Board" meets the chairman of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

The City of Alexandria, Virginia invites the community to learn more about City government through the upcoming City Academy programs in Fall 2018. Details.

Their resignations come a week after Google’s former artificial intelligence research and search head joined Apple.