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The “mid-century modern” image of a wife like Harriett Nelson toiling away in the kitchen while her husband, Ozzie, sits in his easy chair and scans the afternoon newspaper or doles out Socratic wisdom to sons David and Ricky is a black and white relic found only on the Retro Television Network. These days, Ozzie would most likely be enjoying the company of his lovely wife while helping prepare his favorite gourmet dish. The boys would most likely be on their mobile devices…

If you are a Christian meeting planner seeking the ideal location for your next conference or event, a pastor or ministry leader preparing a personal or staff retreat, or a family looking for a unique mountain spiritual retreat, Ridgecrest invites you to experience the rustic charm that is found in these mountains, and the spiritual peace that is found in our Lord Jesus Christ.

LifeWay distributed Christian content to 164 countries last year, touching more than 4 million lives. Resources were licensed in more than 60 languages.

You’ve just made the final payment to the bank and the car now belongs to you, right? Well, not so fast – GM claims you don’t own it.

A Vietnam veteran came home with the goal to save lives back in the states after a near brush with death before even heading overseas.

I fancy myself to be mildly handy around a car—I know when and how to change my brake pads, I know when it is time for new tires, and I can even change my own oil without destroying the engine.

Forgetting your wallet at home with your driver’s license in it is one thing. Driving in Louisiana without a valid license is quite another.

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When you consider enduring luxury vehicles that have stood the test of time, Cadillac stands out among the rest. While some celebrities choose trendy concept cars or European race cars, others stay tr

Articles on green construction, sustainability and zero energy ready home building. by BrightLeaf Homes

I'm A Ray Of Fucking Sunshine T Shirt - Brighten up everyone's day with this t shirt. You'll show everyone that you're a ray of fucking sunshine. Don't let anyone dull

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Practicing portion control is a must to manage diabetes and blood glucose levels. Learn to eyeball portion sizes, and watching your weight will be easier, too.

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Just beneath the surface of the earth lies one of the pieces to a puzzle that has fascinated humans since prehistoric times – renewable energy. Along with solar and wind, geothermal energy has inched its way to the top of the wish lists of both dedicated environmentalists and profit-seeking entrepreneurs. Why? It is virtually inexhaustible. It is constant, 24/7, in all weather (unlike solar and wind)…

At Piccadilly Cafeteria, everyone's happy. Explore Piccadilly's menu of homestyle entrees, sides, desserts and more. Find a location near you.

Blood drives will be held in may during this year's "Cuff's & Hoses" promotional blood drive.

More and more custom home builders are being asked for less and less from clients who want a modern design. In 1947, architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe opined that “less is more” in terms of aesthetic and functional architectural design and this began the evolution of “modern” home design
“Despite popular belief, true modern homes do not follow popular trends,” according to home design website…

For those of us who suffer from excessive nervousness, or bouts of anxiety, it can be really difficult to find ways to center yourself in public—or private—situations. Music, however, has been scientifically proven as an effective method of reducing anxiety. Not only that, but research shows that 81% of people work more accurately when listening …

Wondering how to best come off as professional, friendly, and engaging as you possibly can in an email message? Turns out, many of us end up sending the wrong message in our emails instead of the right one. If you want to look professional to your colleagues and your boss (and I’m sure you do) …