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When Jeff Hill returned to his neighborhood in Paradise, California, after evacuating during the Camp fire, he came across a wayward horse -- in a backyard swimming pool. The horse appeared to have jumped in to escape the flames, and was caught in the pool cover.

View pregame, in-game and post-game details from the Belen (NM) @ Los Lunas (NM) playoff football game on Sat, 11/17/2018.

Cordell & Cordell attorneys Erica Gittings, Laura Stack, and Will Halaz were recently named Rising Stars by Super Lawyers Magazine.

Now that you are ready to invest in options, be sure to understand a trading instruction.

A grab bar is the quickest and easiest way to add some extra safety to your shower or tub. With them, you can gain additional stability when entering and exiting your shower or tub and prevent dangerous slips and falls. With several different shapes, sizes, colors and styles to choose from, you will be sire to find one that not only provides the safety you need, but also matches your home’s decor. Safety has never been easier than with a grab bar from…

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Adult Size: One of the world's largest iguanas, with adult males sometimes reaching lengths of 4 or 5 feet and weights of nearly 15 lbs
Range: The main island of Cuba and surrounding islets.
Habitat: Mainly on coastal areas across its range.
Captive Lifespan: More than 20 Years
The Cuban rock iguana is one of the world's most impressive iguanas. It is also one of the largest, with adult males sometimes reaching lengths of 4 or 5 feet and weights of…

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It’s official: after a 13-month search process, Amazon announced today it will split its second headquarters between Long Island City in Queens, New York and Crystal City in Arlington, Virginia. Amazon will invest $5 billion to create 50,000 new jobs between the two cities. Additionally, Read More »

CEOs Joe Duran of United Capital Shirl Penney of Dynasty and Eric Clarke of Orion give their advice.

As you may recall, the Boy Scouts of America decided late last year to -- finally -- allow girls to join their ranks. It was a widely praised decision that was long overdue, with the organization's mission statement not calling for any kind of...

Divorce can be difficult enough without adding the complexity of a community owned business into the mix. There are important steps you should take to...

The Wagner family were all arrested on Tuesday afternoon in connection with the brutal slayings of eight members of the Rhoden family in Piketon, Ohio nearly two years ago.

The Penske Driver™ app just added a major upgrade to benefit truck drivers ahead of the busy holiday freight season

Winter will be here soon, so that means landscaping season is over, right? Not even close.

When Democrats take control of the House in early 2019, one of the first things they are likely to go after is President Donald Trump's tax returns.

The semifinals of "Dancing with the Stars" brought a double elimination and results so shocking and so wrong that even the safe contestants were angry about it.

Freaky, fun, unusual architectural designs may excite, but they also agitate and upset. "This is a public-health issue, not a style issue," Denver architect Don Ruggles says.

November 11, 2018 Series: Psalm 119: Living by the Word Summary: Standing in awe of God's Word, the Psalmist provides a perspective on the world, a passion a...

In association with Sunshine Mills, Lidl is voluntarily recalling specific lots of Orlando brand Grain Free Chicken & Chickpea Superfood Recipe Dog Food because the products may contain elevated levels of Vitamin D.

I hurt a Christian friend this week. We work with shared responsibilities, and my frustration over his part in this had grown to the point that I just boiled over and listed all of his delinquencies. I was not cruel or untruthful in my delivery, but I was not kind either, and I hurt him deeply. The Lord pounded me for three days, the last one ending in a sleepless night. And then, I went to ask forgiveness.

Amazon has picked New York's Long Island City and Arlington County's Crystal City neighborhoods, The Wall Street Journal reported late Monday.

The call to serve came early for Penske associate Craig Whisler when as a child he would listen to his mother recount stories of her father's military service during World War II.

Translations of poems by Xu Lizhi (许立志), the Foxconn worker who took his own life on 30 September 2014, at the age of 24, in Shenzhen, China. Also includes an obituary with some explanatory notes.

Instead of questioning why people of color with conservative values vote for Democrats, Republicans should ask why so many people with white skin and racist values embrace the GOP, Shawn Turner writes.

Welcome to CNM, New Mexico's largest community college - offering career technical, college transfer and distance learning courses to students in central New Mexico.

Studios for hairdressers, nail techs, estheticians, and more. Lease a move-in ready salon suite to control your environment, manage your schedule, and be your own boss.