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The New Mexico women's cross country team remained the top-ranked team in the country, as announced by the USTFCCCA on Tuesday.

What our children do for their bone health now – like exercising and eating right – can stave off disabling disease later in life. It’s a well-known fact that exercise is one of the healthiest and most beneficial things we can do for our bodies over the course of our entire lifetime. When most people think …

If you're considering using a menstrual cup for your period, it's likely because another menstrual cup user has recommended it to you. That was the case with me; I'd been using tampons and pads since my first period, and when a friend told me about…

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS) Co-Pay Assistance Program helps you pay your insurance premiums and meet co-pay obligations.

Coffee Drinkers appreciate a robust cup of joe to start the day, and Grinding Gears Coffee Company specializes in a great tasting brew.

The first Lobo Food Pantry of the fall semester is set for Friday, Sept. 21 from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. or while supplies last. The Lobo Food Pantry gives out free food at the UNM South Parking Lot located on the southwest corner of Avenida Cesar Chavez and...

This combination of a medical home — a coordinated and family-centric model of care — and palliative care delivered in in the home setting includes advanced care planning, symptom management, as well as care for spiritual, social or psychological needs.

Type in your zip code below for a template email to send to your Senators (you can edit it!) and ask them to VOTE NO on Judge Kavanaugh’s confirmation to the Supreme Court
Judge Brett Kavanaugh has been nominated to be a US Supreme Court Justice. But his record on very important issues threatens the independence and well-being of people with disabilities. These issues include: health…

“@StJude spares no expense. It doesn’t matter the cost, they’re going to do what’s in the best interest of my child. The attitude is not to wait and see if something happens, but rather to make sure nothing happens.” Our nonprofit partners are hard at work supporting families.

Original Article By Hallie Levine Bones are flexible enough to give a bit when physical force is applied, but if that force is too great, they’ll snap like a plastic ruler bent too far. Luckily, they also repair themselves naturally. Here’s how it works. Adults are held up by a skeleton composed of 206 bones …

Despite record primary victories, it is possible that the number of women will decline or remain at status quo in Congress and in the governors’ offices.

Retirement – Only the Beginning
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Written by James Fleming
According to the most recent data, 30.3 million Americans had been diagnosed with diabetes. Of those 30.3 million people, 12 million were senior citizens over the age of 65. That’s 25.2 percent of the senior population
If you’re a senior citizen with diabetes, it’s easy to feel as though the disease runs your life. That definitely doesn’t have to be the case, though.
Listed below are some important diabetes management…

Listeria is on the rise throughout the world. The foodborne illness is going undetected in some place and causing full blown outbreaks in others. Scientists have found one method to slow listeria via genome sequencing. They're using the complex system to better diagnose the disease and prevent future outbreaks.

When packing for an international trip, two items of priority are always your smartphone and passport. But, wouldn't it be more convenient if you only needed to bring one of those items? That's the plan from Apple, as they work on a new app and system where an iPhone could replace your passport.

As Hurricane Florence continues its trajectory toward the Carolina coastline, the North American Mission Board is coordinating the national Southern Baptist Disaster Relief response.

Lot of people are shy to talk to their doctors about their sex lives. But injuries happen during sex all the time, and it's best to be honest.

A good night’s sleep is absolutely important for your children’s health and academic performance. Unfortunately, most teenagers do not

You might have heard gaslighting described as an emotional abuse tactic in relationships. But the use of gaslighting — when someone convinces someone else that they're being delusional or irrational in order to gain power over them — goes beyond…

Original Article By John Donovan at WebMD That sports-filled weekend was a big thrill. But now it’s over, and you’re feeling it. Your back aches. Your ankle is sore. You can’t remember where you put the ibuprofen. After all that testosterone-filled fun, it’s time to take stock of your bumps and bruises. You need to …

Office workers know that the flu can derail an office during the peak of flu season. Although, employers aren't helpless against the virus and an onsite flu clinic could be the solution to keep an office healthy. After setting up the clinic, the flu nurses can help keep your office flu-free and energetic this season.

A living room needs to be a place where families can kick their feet up. Where they can convene, entertain, and enjoy each other. But for those people who pride

Most caregivers wish their aging loved ones were more financially responsible, but some seniors are frugal to a fault. In fact, excessive penny-pinching can be downright frustrating when trying to ensure an elder’s health and happiness.

When it comes to raising children, parents have a lot on their plates. In order to help parents prepare for their rigorous duties, we’ve

Exercising right after you wake up is a great idea. However, if that's not your cup of tea, there are things that will wake up your brain that take a lot less exertion.