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Hey, there! You’ve auditioned for a spot. You’ve moved on and forgotten about it. Out of the blue, your agent calls and says, “Congratulations! You’re on avail,” or “Congratulations! They put a pin in you.” You scratch your head, and you reply, “Thank you – I think?” What does all that mean?

Kid Preneur Business Expo - Something Amazing on The Horizon #KidPreneurBusinessExpo #KidPreneurBizExpo
KiDz HuB is pleased to announce our coverage of the Inaugural Kidpreneur Business Expo 2018. We will bring you LIVE coverage of all the amazing kids who are disrupting the business landscape
This New Jersey event will be part of our KiDz HuB winter coverage
The purpose of the Kid Preneur Business Expo event…

Instead of questioning why people of color with conservative values vote for Democrats, Republicans should ask why so many people with white skin and racist values embrace the GOP, Shawn Turner writes.

Welcome to CNM, New Mexico's largest community college - offering career technical, college transfer and distance learning courses to students in central New Mexico.

From speech patterns to scrolling style, the data stored on our digital devices offers psychiatrists a valuable new metric with which to diagnose and treat mental illness.

How can we ensure science works in the service of need, not greed? To arrive at a set of ethical guidelines, first we need to know what the public wants.

Studios for hairdressers, nail techs, estheticians, and more. Lease a move-in ready salon suite to control your environment, manage your schedule, and be your own boss.

Researchers have discovered a security flaw in MS Office 2016 and older versions that leave the door open to hackers who can take advantage of it to run malicious code on a target computer. This latest hack exploits a flaw...

Florida is, again, the center of the political world. And again, it's because of the remarkable closeness of two high-profile races in the state: The governor's race between Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis and the Senate race between incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson and challenger Republican Gov. Rick Scott. Both races seem likely headed to either a manual recount (the Senate race) or an automatic machine recount (the governor's race).

During a long work day, employees often have no choice to work while hungry. Once they escape to the breakroom, the office vending machine may only offer unhealthy options. Just how does that unhealthy vending machine affect work performance? It may actually slow down the office, with a sluggish and unsatisfied team.

The African country has introduced basic universal health insurance for over 90% of its population, and is using technology to innovate and transform its healthcare system.

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Facebook is wading into the brick-and-mortar retail world, with shops that will spotlight small businesses using Facebook and Instagram to grow sales.

If you own Apple devices that use iOS, watchOS, tvOS, or macOS, there's good news. The company just released major updates for all of those. They're available right now, and here are a few of the highlights: For iOS 12.1,...

"Your gender doesn't have to determine what you have to do in this life."

By: Matt Brunson Attempting to capture the artistic process on screen is an arduous and thankless task, as delineating the inner workings of the human mind as it strives to create something unique is generally a concept best left to the written page. The new Freddie Mercury/Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody (two and a half stars …

Saving is hard. What if employers could make it easier? Find out more: Follow the conversation @AARPPolicy #EmergencySavings

What do employees value most in a job and what makes them stay? Find out in our Infographic!

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Time to get out the sweaters and jackets.A cold front expected to arrive late today in ...

In this week’s blog post, Dr. David Prentice discusses how emerging technologies offer opportunities for development of useful therapeutic interventions, but they can also offer temptations to rush ahead with risky, scientifically unproven and ethically questionable applications.

Earlier this year, Google introduced a new and improved Gmail that gave users virtually unlimited customization options. In addition to that, it included some exciting new AI-based features that cut down on repetitive tasks and made email management significantly easier....

Charlene Childers, 25, showed no emotion as she was led into the courthouse in cuffs and shackles and listened as a judge agreed to waive a preliminary hearing and send case to a grand jury.

New stuff often gets inspired by old stuff. That will be part of what’s happening this week when a piece called “How Vain Are All Our Frail Delights,” by the contemporary Swedish composer Magnus Granberg, will get its U.S. premiere at a performance by the Polyorchard ensemble at the University of North Carolina in Greensboro …

By: Angelica Grady Anwar Alston Jr. was only 16 years old when he first came up with the idea for his clothing line Strive/Arrive on April 22, 2014. He said he remembers that day like it was yesterday when his inspiration came from playing around with a T-shirt making website out of curiosity. While making …

Hey, there! Networking with other members of the voiceover community should come as naturally to you as breathing, whether the people you’re meeting are other VO talent, casting, writers, game designers, studio engineers or whatever. I say “should.” But for some of you, the lack of something brief yet potent to say to a stranger …

Providing one billion people with electricity using distributed renewables presents a massive economic opportunity, especially in emerging economies. But countries need to step up skills training.

According to court documents, Carlos Pacheco raped his stepdaughter on multiple occasions. Police were alerted in 2016 when the girl's mother reported that her then 7-year-old daughter may have been molested by her husband.
The girl disclosed the rape to forensic interviewers saying Pacheco raped her multiple times.
Pacheco faces up to 51 years in prison. His sentencing is set for later this year.