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Dear Dr. Walt, Is fluoride in drinking water actually a good thing or a poison? Aren't there potential side effects that outweigh its benefit? —Unsure in Utah

Hey, there! How many times as an actor and VO talent have you asked that question, shaking your head as you did? Beginning in the early 90’s, the myth that all voicework was done by VO-only talent, like Mel Blanc, June Foray and others, began to crumble. Ever wonder how celebrities started getting cast as …

What our children do for their bone health now – like exercising and eating right – can stave off disabling disease later in life. It’s a well-known fact that exercise is one of the healthiest and most beneficial things we can do for our bodies over the course of our entire lifetime. When most people think …

Check out We Turn It Up and get moving! Record your own We Day Dance with your personal flare, and share it on social media with #wedaydance. Your dance vide...

China has launched the world's largest carbon market and increased its targets to installing 680GW of renewable power capacity by 2020. As the concept of ecological civilization becomes the core tenet of China's development strategy, will this inspire a new wave of environmental leadership across the globe
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A traffic study happening along Lead Avenue between Second and Sixth streets means there's just one lane for westbound commuters, and Tuesday's trial run did not get off to a smooth start.

Abortion was never an option for these parents, who tried so hard to give their son a baby brother -- even when doctors said they should consider it.

The monsters are coming alive Fri., Sept. 21 as WOODS OF TERROR opens for the HALLOWEEN SEASON. 27th year promises to be the scariest

Dan and Deborah FioRito already had eight children when they were expecting their youngest child Thomas. However, nothing could have prepared them for how Baby Thomas entered the world. In a new short film from Pro-Life Champions, the FioRitos share their incredible story of Baby Thomas, who was born at just 22 weeks. At the time, […]

Fourth Annual Winston-Salem Fashion Week, presented by Wake Forest Innovation Quarter, will take place Sept. 29-30, 2018.

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Former Iowa State golfer Celia Barquin Arozamena, 22, was found dead at an Ames golf course, and a suspect has been charged with first-degree murder.

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Musical Theatre Duets
Voice Pop Duets
From the recommendation of Theater Steps and Elisa Girlando Studios, we are adding Musical Theatre Duets & Voice Pop Duets. Both are competitions with Elementary, Junior and Senior categories. Students receive a performance scorecard with feedback from adjudicators. 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place Winning students receive a…

It's not surprising that governments around the world are taking steps to win the AI arms race. But many of the challenges we are grappling with today will be answered if we take the time to learn from one another.