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Pope Francis said that the Ten Commandments are the path to freedom and not a mere set of rules.

In the latest Avengers movie (if you haven’t seen it, beware, there are spoilers ahead), the villain Thanos goes through much trouble to gather all six infinity stones from the far reaches of the g…

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Cars don't just appear, they evolve, built on the technology and the style of what came before. Every now and then, it's useful to take a step back, appreciate history, and get a glimpse of how today's efforts stand in the pantheon of preceding hardware.

Got in an accident—not good. Got a new paint job—good. Now how do you keep it looking pretty? The collision repair pros at Quanz Auto Care have a few tips.

This is the first of six videos based on the No Fear Entrepreneur.

Save money by doing simple plumbing repairs yourself. These fixes are completely DIY with basic tools and skills.

Go to any auto show and you’ll find at least one vehicle that shines bright among the horde of production units, one with exterior shapes and interior details unrestrained by the limitations of mass production. Known universally as “concept cars,” these vehicular peacocks not only lay bare the heart and soul of an automaker’s design department, but they also often allow manufacturers a way to hint…

Justice for Immigrants Colleagues
Statement from Cardinal DiNardo on Asylum Decision and Family Separation
In the June 2018 meeting earlier this week, USCCB President Cardinal Daniel DiNardo of Houston issued a statement on behalf of the U.S. Catholic Bishops expressing concern about the U.S. Attorney General's recent decision on asylum, Matter of A-B- . Cardinal DiNardo also spoke against the increasing practice of family separation, stemming…

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The New Mexico Department of Agriculture's Kimberly Reiten is the Microbiology section head at the Veterinary Diagnostics Services located in Albuquerque, Ne...

Virtual reality technology is now used by the Design Studio to give homeowners a total 360-degree 3D view of their future outdoor living space. See more.

Shopping for pet toys can be overwhelming. With so many choices, how do you know what's right for your pet? Dr. Joyce Ashmalla fills you in on what you shoul...

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“I am freaked-out. I fear that you are going to hurt me, you homicidal nut job! If you push me I may perceive a threat and panic. I have a mouth full of teet...

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Halibut season continues with good landings. Prices are steady, making it a great time to enjoy some delicious pacific halibut. So far, about 6 million pounds of the 17 million pound Alaska quota has been landed
Crabmeat supplies are extremely short. Prices for blue swimming crabmeat have increased for the last 3 months and are expected to continue to increase for the rest of the year due to a shortage of raw material from both Indonesia and the Philippines. Demand for blue…

Ms. Kelli’s House has been in business for 23 years and is an all-inclusive child care center working with children of all abilities. Located in Paradise Hills, we have two small centers on …

The New Mexico Department of Agriculture's Suzanne Townsend explains her duties as a quality control specialist and histotechnician at the Veterinary Diagnos...

New Mexico Department of Agriculture
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Are you looking for a new job? Ready to take the next step in your career? New Mexico Department of Agriculture may have the job that’s right for you
Staff Opportunities
Student Employment Opportunities
No open positions at this time
If you have specific questions about positions at New Mexico Department of Agriculture, or can’t find the information you…

Mattress Firm looks at the most common saving and investing options and describes what can happen to that money 10 years down the line.

For over 35 years, Eye Associates has been committed to preserving & improving
eyesight in New Mexico & the Southwest. LASIK, cataracts, eye exams & more.

“Impossible, a fake,” modern scholars say about Christ's Resurrection. Yet a closer examination confirms the Bible’s historical integrity.