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Haircut, Deep Conditioning, and Blow-Dry
Haircut, Deep Conditioning, Blow-Dry, and Partial Highlights
Haircut, Deep Conditioning, Blow-Dry, and Full Highlights
Full vs. Partial Highlights: Exploring New Dimension
Highlights can add dimension to an existing style or double the transformative effect of a new one. Read our guide of the process to prepare for your trip to the salon
A skilled stylist doesn’t need a pair…

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Prep your car for winter with this handy checklist, from tires to heaters, oil viscosity to batteries.

Act quickly and follow these steps to get your life -- and peace of mind -- back.

These winter driving tips will help prepare you for whatever Jack Frost throws your way this season.

This arts-filled southwestern city was your choice as this year’s best place to visit. Here's why it's an ideal vacation spot.

Find fast & efficient dumpster services in Albuquerque - Providing Roll Offs, Mini Dumpsters, Trash Pickup & more for your residential, commercial, or industrial job.

Consumer Reports suggests these 5 Tips to Keep Your Car in Peak Condition During Frigid Winter Weather. As the mercury plummets, they'll keep you safe on the road.

Have you ever noticed that most kids behave poorly when their moms are in view? Blogger and mother Kate Baltrotsky of KateSurfs.com may have actually figured

In addition to our homeowner audience, the Outdoor Living by Belgard blog is read by many of Belgard’s industry partners. This week’s blog is a nod to those hardworking professionals who create beautiful outdoor living spaces. With that in mind, we offer season’s greetings to our designers and installers with this year’s favorite picks of … Continue reading "2017 Outdoor Living Contractor Wish List"

Vladimir Fedorovich Dzhunkovsky was a witness to Russia's unfolding tragedy--from Tsar Alexander II's Great Reforms, through world war, revolution, the rise of a new regime, and finally, his country's descent into terror under Stalin. But Dzhunkovsky was not just a passive observer--he was an active participant in his troubled and turbulent times, often struggling against the tide. In the centennial of the Russian revolution, his story…

Keeping warm when it’s cold out may be easier if you know the science of heat transfer.

Here are some of our favorite recent childrens' and young adult titles, from Bookworks Children's Specialist, Connie Griffin, and our book club for young readers, The Book Testers. For more information on any of these titles, on school events or in-store programming for children and families, please contact Children's Specialist Connie Griffin at [email protected]
Published: Scholastic Press - February 27th, 2018
"This is a very good…

"We believe playing tackle football, especially in [light of] the scientific evidence, is a danger to our students."

Thinking about throwing your a dog a party and looking for dog birthday ideas? We’re covering everything you need to know to throw a dog birthday party.

a man of advanced age and noble appearance
was being forced to open his mouth to eat pork.
But preferring a glorious death to a life of defilement,
he spat out the meat,
and went forward of his own accord to the instrument of torture,
as people ought to do who have the courage to reject the food
which it is unlawful to taste even for love of life.
Those in charge of that unlawful ritual meal took the man aside privately,

there sprang a sinful offshoot, Antiochus Epiphanes
son of King Antiochus, once a hostage at Rome.
He became king in the year one hundred and thirty seven
of the kingdom of the Greeks.
In those days there appeared in Israel
men who were breakers of the law,
and they seduced many people, saying:
"Let us go and make an alliance with the Gentiles all around us;
since we separated from them, many evils have come upon us."
The proposal was agreeable;
and he…

Five teachers with a combined 90 years of experience share tips for parents of 2- to 5- year olds.

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Helene's review of Bear Carpet Inc. Dry nice young man who took care of furniture, etc. it was helpful for me to be around to notice anything for him...