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The Black Lillies have never backed down from a challenge. Proudly independent since their formation, they are always pushing forward and evolving, letting the inspiration and

Sandra McCracken is a singer and songwriter who specializes in modern-day gospel songs. Her lyrics seamlessly combine the sacred poetry of old hymns with compelling personal confessions and narrative

Thy Mercy, My God, a song by Sandra McCracken on Spotify

Contact OurFirmCares.com/ or call (404) 526-8857. What Happens After You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer? After you’ve been injured in an accident you’...

1. As you may have heard, Boy Scouts (now Scouts-BSA) has decided to allow girls to join, and they are actively recruiting girls to their co-ed scouting program. For our response, please see the letter from our CEO Sue Else , our Girl Scout Mythbusters handout and a social media toolkit for you to use in conjunction with a positive message about the G.I.R.L. in Girl Scouts
2. Reports show that STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) occupations are growing at double the…

Lightsource BP announced today that it has acquired Ubiworx, an Irish Industrial IoT (“Internet of Things”) company that delivers state of the art software solutions based on their embedded, bespoke platform. The acquisition comes after two years of a close working relationship, which saw the Ubiworx platform become one of the core technologies deployed by …

A new laser-based system could allow autonomous vehicles to ‘see’ obstacles before they come into view, scientists say

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