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KENT — Jacob Dudley is a senior studying peace and conflict studies with a minor in LGBTQ studies at Kent State University. In May, he and other

Here's a to-do list for preventing dementia, new research suggests: Ditch red meat, take a brisk walk to the grocery store, do the Sunday crossword and

JACKSON TWP. — Motorists have a new route from Applegrove Street to shopping areas to the south.Last week, the township opened the extended Strip

Gov. Matt Bevin is set to call a special legislative session to pass a bill giving relief to quasi-governmental groups from the soaring pension costs they must pay starting this month. The special session will have to start on July …

The new code prohibits commissioners from ruling on issues involving interested parties that have given them direct campaign donations.

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The Board of Education is the official body representing the citizens of Akron on all matters of public education. The Board is non-partisan and non-sectaria...

Firefighters from the Cleveland Fire Department responded to a house explosion on the city's East Side.

The Akron Police Department and the city traffic engineering division are reminding motorists to slow down and be careful in and around schools and playgrounds during summer
Just because school is out doesn't mean drivers can ignore the flashing 20 mph speed limit signals.
While it's summer, not all students are off from class. Some are still attending many elementary schools for summer meals and other events. These programs run at various times from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday all…

Three children were killed in an early morning house fire in Jeromesville, an Ashland County source told News 5.

I went to bed with this message ringing in my head last night: I suspect this person didn’t care for my piece on where I stood with drug dealers. This message amuses me because it was a rather big deal for me to take the public stand I did in that post. I told these …

The blast was felt two miles away and damaged almost all of the neighboring buildings, the police said.