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Travel back in time to the big sound and even bigger hair of 80s rock! Rock out to this energetic and funny show featuring the music of Journey, AC/DC, KISS, Def Leppard and more complete with spectacular costumes and flashy special effects.

When it comes to toasting sandwiches or heating up frozen pizzas, the TurboChef NGC Tornado oven is a must-have in many commercial kitchens. This compact, yet powerful, microwave oven can handle the high demands of any restaurant, bar or cafeteria. But like any heavy-duty equipment, it can experience a few hiccups along the way. Fortunately, you... Read More

If your ice machine needs a new part or repairs, having the right information on hand is key. When you contact a service technician or parts distributor, make sure to always have the model number and serial numbers readily available
Scotsman ice machines have a plate on the back of their equipment featuring model and serial numbers. We already broke down how to find and read a Scotsman model number , which explain certain specifications for your model.
But what do those string…

National Fire Heritage Center inducts 2018 class for Hall of Legends, Legacies and Leaders

This year, operators wasted no time changing up the menu with fall flavors and ingredients. Yes, Starbucks led the charge back on Aug. 28 by launching its

and professional learning opportunities
TechCon 2018
Take a closer look at #STEM and its implications across all disciplines at #edtechcon on Oct 12th! Join @ice_il @IllinoisASBO and @il_etl at @NIUNaperville to collaborate & innovate! Keynote by Meridith Bruozas @argonne . More
ICE-COLD: Microsoft Innovative Educator Workshop
Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Join ICE Cold at the Microsoft Store in Oakbrook Center to learn about…

We serve the Midwest as the preferred temporary fence company to the construction, special event, and emergency response industries. Request a free quote.

Rod Carringer, former chief of the Center Township (IN) Fire Department, says, “With the demands on limited staffing so many agencies deal with, any asset such as a drone that can be used to provide real-time situational and operational awareness is equipment that should be integrated into operations. As the United States Marines are learning as they are reconfiguring their basic squad size and function to…

It’s 2018, so brands are focused on transparency and providing a great consumer experience. But the transparency companies provide when it comes to ingredients and manufacturing practices isn’t as clear as it seems. Some organizations, eager to meet consumer expectations regarding ingredient purity, have begun “greenwashing” their products.What’s greenwashing? It’s “the dishonest corporate practice of presenting green or ethical credentials that either aren’t there or are…

Not sure what to get the pet lover in your life? They want something that celebrates the love they have for their favorite little friend.

While I’m here today trying to imagine a day without water, other people are actually living it. So what are we going to do about it?

I take a break from the “No Man’s Land” coverage to talk about my experiences at Baltimore Comic-Con on September 28-30, 2018. It includes a soundbite from Tom King and an intervi…

WeVideo makes it easy and fun for K-12 students to create and edit videos on Chromebooks and all devices

Here are several things the National Transportation Safety Board will examine as it investigates the limousine crash that killed 20 people in upstate New York last week.

Our Driving Concern A program of the National Safety Council in cooperation with the Texas Department of Transportation

Sometimes we all need a little push, pick-me-up, or reminder...that's what today's job search post is about.

Commercial buildings in Chicago often have flat or low sloped roofs, which protects the building and everything inside.

Washington — OSHA’s $5 million budget increase became official Sept. 28 after President Donald Trump signed a “minibus” appropriations bill that includes funding for the Department of Defense and a continuing resolution to keep the government open until Dec. 7.

Have an old dresser lying around? Using some paint, stain and imagination - totally transform your old piece of furniture into a beautiful bar cart. This is ...

WHO’S WHO SPECIAL – THE AQUAMAN FAMILY In this Who’s Who “best of” special, we present all the classic character entries featuring members of the Aquaman Family–…

The Chicago area can get hit with some severe storms during summer. Although winter isn't quite here yet, this is a good time to make sure that your roof hasn't taken any damage from rain or wind this summer.

Every organization -private, public, commercial, non-for-profit and government - faces the same, daunting challenge: Answers are many times seemingly just im...

Moving anxiety can creep up slowly or hit you all at once. Colonial Van Lines provides practical tips to keep your stress in check.

In partnership with Jake Parker, Adobe is celebrating Inktober. Create a drawing inspired by an Adobe MAX prompt and share it on social media to win.

Our leading auto glass repair & replacement company started in 2012 with customer safety & satisfaction in mind; Just Tell Us When and Where, We'll Be There.