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This flu season has shown both higher immunization rates and lower rates of flu-like illnesses. There continue to be hospitalizations due to flu-like complications, and deaths due to flu, but, to date, the incidence of all flu-related illnesses has declined this season.

Companies sometimes create costly, elaborate and bureaucratic employee recognition programs. What really works best is much simpler.

Today on the Big Gold Belt Podcast, The BGB Crew has special guest: DJ Z - After 7 years signed with Impact Wrestling DJZ announced that 2019 he is a free ag...

Is moving to Denver better than visiting there? We’re exploring the top reasons why living in Denver is so popular as well as the cons.

This pot and pan pullout makes your pans easy to access and organize and may even give you a place to stash your lids.

As an IT executive, the ability to influence others within a workplace is a key component of professional success. This post contains seven key influence strategies that can be used to help you gain funding for important projects, negotiate advantageous vendor contracts, reduce project risk, attain needed project resources and advance your career.

Helen Plum Email Newsletter // Jan 3 // Best books of 2018, new books, SAT Prep and Job searching all inside this edition of the newsletter!

The online map is a living, breathing eulogy of people who have died from opioid use. Matt Lazarus, of Castle Rock, “was known for having a ‘heart of gold’” and “will be missed by many,” …

OEM parts distributor revolutionizes its search and order process resulting in higher performance for foodservice equipment manufacturers

One of the common shortfalls of many B2B buyers is failing to vet the platforms they end up using sufficiently. When setting up an…

Did you resolve to get more exercise in 2019? Two weeks into the new year, how are you doing? If you’re like many people, you’ve found yourself slacking a bit – or a lot. Before you put all the blame on your personal lack of willpower, consider some of the inborn factors that tempt us... Read More

The restaurant will open its third location in the Phoenix area

ICE / IETL Leadership Summit at #ICE19
Join ICE and IETL for their annual Leadership Summit, this year, with Joe Sanfelippo. You will not want to miss this experience with Dr. Joe Sanfelippo, Superintendent of Fall Creek School District in Wisconsin and renowned national author and speaker. Based on his book Hacking Leadership, Dr. Sanfelippo has designed an energetic, interactive workshop, aimed at building leadership at…

Location: Beggars Pizza New Lenox
Date: Janaury 24th- 5:30-7:00
Topic: Teachers as Expert Learning
Cost: $5.00 for PD, pizza, and soft drinks- (paid at door)
Speaker: Stacy Sniegowski.
“In a rapidly changing world, it’s near impossible for a teacher to prepare students for careers that don’t exist yet. What is possible is mastering the art and science of learning. Learn about the expert learner mindset so that students have access to more opportunities.”

Vo Trong Nghia Architects has filled the interiors of a house in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, with plants and trees to maximise its connection with a neighbouring park.

While adopted children may be more likely to have mental health problems, parents can help them through it by providing love and support.

well this sucks. ➢Click To Subscribe: bit.ly/Sub2FuriousPete ➢The truth about the last 4 months: youtu.be/2c2dI5mupnI Not how I wanted to star...

Darley delivered a MaxWASP to Johnson Siding, SD

If you are interested in applying to beauty school in Forest Park, call Ms. Roberts Beauty Academy to schedule a discovery day.

Under Fire is an event in the fire industry for emerging technology, first responders, and vendors. Sponsored by Texas A&M Engineering Under Fire gives an opportunity for startups to showcase their new... Read More

If you are looking for a comprehensive, straightforward manual on how to make and keep friends, this is the book for you. The author expertly covers the skills needed to master the confusing ups and downs of friendship. While the skills described may seem daunting, the book conveys that the benefits of friendship can be well worth the effort. Some of the topics covered include conversation…

After the Fire is the nonlinear, often heart-wrenching, tale of Moonbeam—a wary and conflicted young girl with a biting wit and a cautious sense of humor who recently survived a confrontation between the government and the cult she grew up in. She’s often terrified, but she’s strong—which is good, since it seems she’ll be staying at the hospital until she finishes relating her story for the police and her new psychiatrist deems her ready for the Outside world. This story is emotionally intense…

Is clutter keeping you from taking full advantage of your garage? Transform your space with these unique garage makeover ideas.

The Big Gold Belt Podcast is joined by Jason Heat the Producing Artistic Director of Flying V Theatre as he gives us an exclusive behind the scene tour and l...

Fear is natural and healthy. It can help us respond to danger more quickly or avoid a dangerous situation altogether. It can also cause us to worry about the wrong things, especially when it comes to estimating our level of risk
If we overestimate our risk in one area, it can lead to anxiety and interfere with carrying out our normal daily routine. Ironically, it also leads us to underestimate real risks that can injure or kill us.
It can be difficult to…

NOW Long-Lasting Deodorant Stick was scientifically formulated to eliminate odors for days at a time.

Are supplements safe? With 76% of American adults taking nutrition supplements, this is an important question. Headlines have been swirling about supplement quality and safety, giving the impression that the industry is unregulated. That’s not the case! Here’s what you need to know about choosing supplements that are high quality and safe. This post is...Read More »

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Do you ever walk into a colleague or leader’s office, completely composed, outline a problem, pause and wait for them to tell you what needs to be done? Or worse, a customer or client? In your calmest voice, you say, “The sky is falling.” Pause. “What should we do?” Do you go into an operating review knowing that you are going to miss your targets,…Read more ›

Not sure how to pack lamps so they survive a move to a new home? Here’s a complete guide on packing lamps and lampshades, including step by step...