Restaurants near Woodbury, CT - Litchfield County

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City Hall Cafe

Restaurants: Cafes, Cafeterias & Lunchrooms in Waterbury, CT

234 E Main St Ste 7

Waterbury, CT

(203) 754-8866

Emperor Choice Chinese Restaurant

Take-Out, Restaurant
Limited-Service Restaurants in Waterbury, CT

229 Whitewood Rd

Waterbury, CT

(203) 753-9888

Subway Sandwiches & Salads

Delicatessen / Sandwich Shop, Fast Food, Deli
Restaurant Sandwich Shops in Watertown, CT


Fast Food, Carry-Out & Delivery Restaurants in Waterbury, CT

225 Union St

Waterbury, CT

(203) 757-6397

Giovannis Pizza and Ristorante

Italian Restaurants in Waterbury, CT

1622 Thomaston Ave

Waterbury, CT

(203) 574-1041

Paba's Restaurant

Limited-Service Restaurants in Waterbury, CT

1215 Thomaston Ave Ste C

Waterbury, CT

(203) 753-8545

The Woodward House

Limited-Service Restaurants in Bethlehem, CT

4 The Grn

Bethlehem, CT

(203) 266-6902

LA Dolce Vita Resturant

Limited-Service Restaurants in Middlebury, CT

530 Middlebury Rd

Middlebury, CT

(203) 598-0829

Frankies' Family Restaurant

Restaurant Family Restaurants in Waterbury, CT

Lombard Plz

Waterbury, CT

(203) 757-9700

The G W Tavern

Specials, Delivery, Catering, Live Entertainment, Tavern
Limited-Service Restaurants in Washington Depot, CT

20 Bee Brook Rd

Washington Depot, CT

(860) 868-6633