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Fall is a good time to plant trees and shrubs — the best time, in fact, for most of them.

All plants need water- even those that are tolerant of our summer dry conditions. Water makes up 90-98 percent of every plant we grow. It's needed for photosynthesis, as well as reproduction and defense against pests.

Providing shade and beauty, trees are a joy to behold, but some trees require more maintenance and upkeep than homeowners are willing to give. Invasive or

LISLE, Ill. - The troll dubbed Joe peers out over the Ronald Reagan Memorial Tollway and the suburban sprawl beyond, one hand shielding his brow as…

Marianne C. Ophardt is a horticulturist for the Washington State University Extension and writes a garden column for the Tri-City Herald. She talks about staking trees.

The crape myrtles blooming in Shawnee remind us of how resilient they are. Some years an early freeze will cause the plants severe damage, but the

RADNOR >> Long an empty white elephant standing on the hilltop in the Willows, a gem of a park in Radnor Township, a plucky group of residents has managed to

Japanese maple trees often have multiple stems and grow in horizontal planes. They require little or no pruning, since they are so small by nature.

Zinnias represent thoughts of absent friends, daisies mean innocence and hope, ferns represent sincerity, spring crocuses represent youthful gladness

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April is a great month for working in and enjoying the garden. Danger of frost is past, but the weather and soil are still relatively cool, with a continued opportunity

Handrails and Guards must be able to withstand a Uniform Load of 50 lbs/ft or a Concentrated Load of 200 lbs placed at the top

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NAUGATUCK — The Whittemore Library recently received two grants to support programs for youth. The Connecticut Community Foundation awarded the library a $3,000 grant to support a creative writing …