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Following a quirky A-to-Z format, the eighty lighthearted anecdotes in Pope Francis Takes the Bus are full of warmth and humor, revealing the simple humility of

It is not so strange or uncommon of a concept if you think about it. Most of the US population survi...

Learn the basics of HTML and CSS. Learn the difference between HTML and CSS, what their strengths are, and how to use them together.

A day at the ballpark just isn't the same without some traditional ballpark snacks. Is it possible to eat healthy without missing out on the experience?

Hi friends! I’m Kyla! A wife and mom who become a mama through adoption. Our story is a bit unique, because I’m adopted as well! Having been adopted and also adopting has given me a special perspective on how to approach my sons story. I feel so incredibly passionate about protecting his st

At a moment's notice. you can send a message to your patients that the office will be closed.

Learn everything you need to know about your personality with this saucy quiz.

While static billboards are still part of the ad mix, digital screens in all shapes and sizes are becoming more common, giving marketers the ability to run high-quality video content outside the home.

Morris & co wallpaper looks back on their heritage and William Morris values of craftsmanship and expertly executed patterns, to bring us the best of Arts & Crafts inspired the design for the 21st century. Featuring some classic and contemporary wallpapers perfect for any interior
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William Morris believed that everybody has…

The 2019 “Best and Worst Franchise” rankings has been published by Forbes. The franchise analytics firm, FRANdata, was commissioned to apply a methodology that ranks franchise brands on “health and appeal,” from the perspective of a prospective franchisee.

A recent Delaware Court of Chancery decision ‎ on a challenge to Goldman Sachs directors’ ‎setting their own compensation is interesting because the court rejected the company’s attempt to ‎make an end run around current law. The stockholder-approved compensation plan included a ‎novel provision limiting the directors’ liability if they acted “in good faith.”‎

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As the cannabis industry continues to expand in Massachusetts following the state’s legalization of recreational marijuana, Massachusetts Secretary of State William Galvin warned that cannabis companies will face increased scrutiny from the state’s securities regulators.

My husband and I have an open adoption with our daughter’s birth parents, who live in a different st...

A guide for families on working with elementary school teachers and staff on creating a welcoming environment for students of LGBTQ households.

#VisitWilm for a summer escape! Exit I-95 and you never know what you might find in Wilmington and the Brandywine Valley. Explore history. Enjoy music festivals. Witness a fireworks spectacle. Maybe

Check out the Most INCREDIBLE Engineering Projects Ever Created! From the highest buildings to the most amazing bridges, this top 10 list of modern structure...

Adoption can be a daunting concept even to an adult pursuing the process. Imagine being a child whos...

Earlier today, the Conservative Party concluded the Parliamentary phase of its leadership selection. The final two candidates are former London Mayor and former Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson and current Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt. The next phase starts this Saturday when ballots are posted to the 160,000 members of the Conservative Party, which will conclude the week of 22 July 2019.

Alberto's review of Summit Heating & Air Conditioning. George the Technician mannerism was very professional, respectful and knowledgeable. He was able to answer any of...

By Julia Marangoni, NHSA public affairs intern, with assistance from Zoie Albrecht, NHSA government affairs intern

Headquartered in Wilmington, Delaware, Christiana Care is one of the country’s most dynamic health systems, centered on improving health outcomes, making high-quality care more accessible and lowering health care costs. Christiana Care includes an extensive network of outpatient services, home health care, medical aid units, two hospitals (1,227 beds), a Level I trauma center and a Level III neonatal intensive care unit, a comprehensive stroke center…

On Tuesday, June 18, 2019, the SEC issued a Concept Release[1] seeking comments on how to rationalize and simplify the framework governing exempt offerings ‎in order to expand the opportunities for making investments while preserving appropriate investor protections.

It happened! The 2019 Graduation Pizza Party was held this week and as you can see in the pictures, below, a great time was had by all. High school grads, college grads, vocational school grads, foster care alumnae, Sophia Cywinksi, manager of the state’s Independent Living Program, Independent Livi

"Immigrants are the last ones most of us know who are looking for a handout from anyone."

Last week, Columbia Care announced that it will offer qualified cannabis purchasers the option of obtaining and using a credit card at its dispensaries. This marks the first credit card of its kind in the United States cannabis industry.

Formulated to resist moisture, staining and general wear and tear, Intelligent Eggshell has a tough yet subtle finish and is a superb paint for woodwork and kitchen & bathroom walls.
It will give tremendous service in a busy home and is an ideal solution for those who want durability with a soft, low-sheen finish.

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What better way to celebrate America’s Independence than with firework displays and a weekend trip to Greater Wilmington!? Wednesday, July 3rd 1. Wilmington Blue Rocks Post-Game Fireworks Display

Valerie's review of Summit Heating & Air Conditioning. A very competent company. Excellent and informed staff and installers. Our AC installation was completed in one day...

Still wondering about what Chemical Engineers can do? Check out our second video about Chemical Engineering and see what it's all about! For more science rel...

Every once in a while we read a legitimate news story that would fit well in The Onion. That is the case with a recent story from cnn.com titled “California prisoners can now legally possess pot. They just can’t smoke it.”

Please join us 4 #MaximiseLife convention @NewWineLondon from 24th-30th June 2019.Time is 6:30pm daily. Register at maximiselife.co.uk and get a free ...