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It's an easy decision to start using and sharing Young Living essential oils. The positive benefits of essential oils can help not only you but your entire social circle. But be warned: Once you start, it’s almost impossible to go back.
Here are 21 signs that you are obsessed with essential oils.
1. You’re pretty sure the answer to every ...

Sometimes, when Dad and Mom name their adult children a health care proxy and power of attorney, the division of responsibilities can create conflict. Learn more about how to resolve a situation where a health care proxy and power of attorney disagree.

It is easy to become disorganized when the busy role of a caregiver gets in the way. Read ElderCare's blog to learn how to stay organized.

Caregiver Floral Park NY-One of the very first steps in getting your stress levels under control while you’re a caregiver is to start to recognize what stress looks like for you. Symptoms of stress can be highly individualized and you might not realize just how early you can spot stress in yourself.

Staying Healthy Tip from HCR ManorCare
How can you avoid health problems in the warm weather
Stay hydrated!
The greatest risk for sunburns is at noon. The hottest time of the day is 3-4:30 p.m. Plan your outdoor activities accordingly.
Stay away from alcoholic or caffeinated beverages.
Sports drinks can help restore nutrients in your body and fight dehydration.
Try to stay in the air conditioning if at all possible.
If you go outside, wear a hat, sunglasses and sunscreen with SPF 15…

Did you know that women age 50 and older who drink diet soda are 23% more likely to have a stroke? Learn more about reducing your risk of stroke by taking diet soda out of your routine.

Community Article posted by Star Multi Care New York about Home Care Helps You and Your Senior Loved One Maintain a Higher Quality of Life on Approved Senior Network.

Home Care Dix Hills NY-What and when your senior drinks can play a bigger part in her sleep issues than you might think. Here are some tips.

Home Care Services Massapequa NY-Knowing these 5 tips could help you to overcome the challenge and get your aging relative to take their medicine with less fuss.

Show your support for the fight to end Alzheimer's by going purple, sharing your story and taking action. Together, we can make a difference!

Caregivers can use respite vacations to help them avoid becoming exhausted and overwhelmed by the task. Learn more about caregiver respite.