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In our last blog past, we discussed the recent rule finalized by Health and Human Services regarding the calculation of the annual cost-sharing limits for health plan participants who receive financial assistance from drug manufacturers. Effective for plan years beginning on or after January 1, 2020, if a participant uses a manufacturer drug coupon to purchase a drug but there is no generic equivalent available or…

From the moment I heard that the Iranian government shot down one of our drones over international airspace I said to my wife we should make the Iranian government pay for it. Well a Republican Senator must have had the same reaction as I did. The Washington Free Beacon is reporting that Senator Ted Cruz...Read More

International migration from sub-Saharan African countries to Europe and the U.S. has grown over the past decade.

In this edition: What we learned from 2020 Democrats' past debates, the thing to watch when Joe Biden is onstage, and new ads trolling liberals in Iowa and elsewhere.

A 2-year-old boy was put to bed in Virginia but was nowhere to be found in the morning, police say.

It comes four months after a second meeting between the leaders in Hanoi collapsed without any agreement.

What Mike Ozburn expected to be a typical Sunday diving trip, turned into a fight for his life as the Pensacola resident spent nearly eight hours lost at sea.

A longtime resident of Sandtown-Winchester, Ashiah first got involved with No Boundaries Coalition at a community meeting when the neighborhood was working through the implications of the unrest and global spotlight that followed the death of Freddie Gray in the custody of Baltimore City Police.

Bernie Sanders wants to address the student loan crisis, but his proposal is laughably unserious.

By Sarah Terzo Tweets from Abortionist Diane Horvath-Cosper: “One of the dumbest ‘arguments’ about #abortion: is it or is it not birth control? OF COURSE it’s #birthcontrol, because it prevents a birth…” …. “#ABORTION IS #BIRTHCONTROL, no matter how you personally feel about it. Let’s stop shaming and stigmatizing people for knowing what’s best for ...

ADB has approved $297.75 million for the rehabilitation and reconstruction of public works and transport infrastructure in Central Sulawesi, where a 7.4-magnitude earthquake last year claimed thousands of lives and destroyed property...

The president picked an occasionally disloyal first-term senator over his wealthy primary challenger.

Sharks are in the news once again for... well, being in the ocean. A great white shark (Carcharodon carcharias) gave a fishing crew an awesome experience when it swam to the stern of the boat where the fishermen has a bag of ground up fish bait known as 'chum.'

New York City is hosting this year’s WorldPride celebration and commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall rebellion. From parades to drag shows, here are scenes from the week.

Today, USD-INR pair is expected to quote in the range of 69.40 and 69.90, says Motilal Oswal.

OCC's Chief Innovation Officer Beth Knickerbocker today discussed the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency's (OCC) efforts to support responsible innovation in the federal banking system during a hearing held by the Task Force on Financial Technology of the U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Financial Services.

As donors try to give diapers, toothbrushes and other items to migrant kids in US custody near the border, some accuse the federal government of letting red tape get in the way of human decency.

Jennifer Lopez is a movie and TV star, a dancer, a fashion icon. But she's found her biggest successes as a singer.