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Medical officials in Japan report that hundreds of people have been diagnosed with a strange condition known as 'earthquake sickness' following April's massive tremor.

This is Milkshakes & Opera! Seth Black-Diamond sits down with people living the dream with Opera Tampa and gets the scoop on an upcoming production at the St...

Sugar or Fat: The Lesser of Two Evils
With so many competing diet plans out there, it can be hard to figure out what’s okay to eat, what we should eat less of, and what we should cut out entirely. Case in point: sugar vs. fat. We know that too much of either is unhealthy, but is one worse than the other? Could cutting out sugar or fat be the answer to our health and weight goals
Some sugar is found naturally…

Must have apartment furniture to make your new place feel like home. Tips on furniture to invest in and what's best for small spaces.

Everything’s Included by Lennar, the leading homebuilder of new homes for sale in the nation’s most desirable real estate markets.

If you seek a new career path in the dental health industry, here’s a little something to smile about: the number and size of dental practices nationwide is growing. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, "Ongoing research linking oral health and general health will continue to increase the demand for preventive dental services." That means there may be more jobs available for people with dental…

A spooky piece of security camera footage from a music shop in England appears to show a number of guitars seemingly being moved by an unseen force that the owners suspect could be a ghost.

The Tampa Downtown Partnership reports on the past year's signature projects, successes, and programs.

Establishing true teamwork requires more than bringing a few people into a room and turning them loose on a project. Here are some ways you can help employees better connect and work together.

It took 20 wreckers to remove all of the vehicle frames and parts that were found on property behind a barber shop in the 400 block of East Saner in West Dallas.

Dean Lloyd Minor and Provost Persis Drell offer inspiring words to the graduates at the 2019 School of Medicine commencement ceremony.

Whether modern or traditional, we've rounded up the best hardware for your home.

It increases the reimbursement rate insurers can receive from the Florida Hurricane Catastrophe Fund.

In more news from the Supreme Court, the justices ruled 7 to 2 that criminal defendants can be prosecuted for the same offense in both a state and federal court. The decision reaffirms an existing exception to the double jeopardy rule and has implications for Trump associates who could receive presidential pardons. In the case of former campaign chair Paul Manafort, a pardon from Trump could release him from his federal prison sentence, but New York state prosecutors would still be able to…

Cyberattacks against law firms have increased over the last few years and it’s going to get more intense. While more law firms than ever are aware of the dangers of attacks and are engaged in securing their law firms, attackers are constantly using more sophisticated techniques to gain access to a firm’s data. Protecting against …

HEALTH- There’s an old adage: “With age comes wisdom.” Applying that adage to our current healthcare environment is the next great challenge for all of us in the LGBT community—especially those of us in the Stonewall generation who fought to gain acceptance and rights that were once unimaginable.

A truly strange animal mutilation case in Argentina has residents of a village on edge with fears that the chupacabra may be lurking around their community.

NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter recently caught sight of a curious new feature on the surface of the Red Planet: a fresh crater.

The Hillsborough Area Regional Transit Authority (HART) plans, finances, acquires,
constructs, operates and maintains mass transit facilities and supplies transportation assistance in Hillsborough County,
Florida. HART serves the community through convenient, affordable public transportation options including bus services, in-town trolleys,
streetcars, van services and more.

A rare species of blind catfish has been discovered in America for the first time by researchers studying an underwater cave in Texas.

United Way Worldwide has appointed Suzanne McCormick as the organization’s incoming U.S. President. She will assume her new role on July 31. McCormick, who currently serves as President and CEO of United Way Suncoast in Tampa, Florida, will succeed outgoing U.S. President, Mary Sellers, who will return to Des Moines Iowa, after serving in the role since 2017.

A blog about weight loss surgery, gastric bypass, healthy recipes, bariatric food.

Browse, borrow, and enjoy titles from the Hillsborough County Public Library Cooperative digital collection.

Are you struggling pulling together all the necessary information to make the bid deadline date? Do you know how many bids you have won or lost
Project Management with Advanced Commercial Quoting offers functionality to support the bidding process for small contractor jobs as well as manage the project life cycle of larger commercial jobs. You will be able to manage quotes, multiple bids, jobs all…

Sitting down with Ashley Whittaker was such a joy, and we’re confident you’ll learn a TON from this episode. It’s one of my favorite episodes...

After a nearly five year journey, JUNO has arrived at the giant planet Jupiter! This is a most amazing mission and one that will reveal an amazing amount of information about how Jupiter was formed, when it was formed and the mystery of what lies below the clouds of Jupiter. Launched back in August […]
24 May 2016
Mars, the red god of war, reached opposition on May 22nd! Mars will then continue to move closer to Earth and will be the closest…

The weather’s warm, the sun is shining and it’s time to get outdoors. Why not take a hike?

Botox® continues to be one of the most popular beauty treatments available today, due to its effectiveness and simplicity. Below, we've answered some of...