Health in Stockbridge, GA

The MedTech Industry saves lives, transforms people's health and well-being, and enables health systems to become more sustainable, by developing and bringin...

Ingrid Oakley-Girvan, VP of Medable explains why the growth of digital health will come from clinically-tested, consumer-facing, interoperable products

A new report on e-Health in the WHO European Region reveals that tangible progress has been made, with clear benefits for many countries. In most Member States, it has become commonplace for technology to be used to deliver health services and public health improvements, such as electronic health records.

From Switzerland's mandatory health insurance to Valencia's privatised hospitals, the world is full of better health care systems than ours

Making your own window cleaner is easy to do and all you need are simple ingredients that you likely have around the house already (they’re often much cheaper to make than buying them and can work just as well too). Here’s a bunch of different recipes you can try along with a few tips listed at the bottom to help achieve a streak-free shine
3/4 gallon of water
top with water until you have 1 gallon
Store these…

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