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Conference Board Leading Indicators : The Leading Economic Index fell 0.3 percent in June, the first decline year to date. Reduced new orders in the manufacturing sector and weaknesses in building permits, the interest rate spread and average unemployment claims pulled the data lower. These were somewhat counterbalanced by strengths in consumer confidence, the average employee workweek, lending conditions and stock prices. Meanwhile, the Coincident Economic…

Tara’s experience as an Agile Coach has shown her how Fidelity is empowering associates to be bold and confident at work. #FidelityAssociate

The start of each new school year brings a renewed sense of hope for a better economy, good health, school success, and other positive outcomes, as well as a temptation for educational bloggers to either reflect on the past year or on goals for the new year. Inspiration for this blog entry, however, comes not from the time of year but instead from a movie and a journal article, which I happened to be enjoying in tandem
Having a husband who loves golf…

In 2005, The Network established the Ripple of Hope Awards to recognize outstanding employees, independent contractors and external partners who make a difference.

July 10, 2019 ● District Newsletter In this Issue Congratulations Class of 2019! Elementary Renovations Update District Policies Smithfield’s Clean Energy Recognition Fundraising & Field Trip Policies Redesign of SHS & GMS Entrances Grants Jane Ramos - PAEMST Finalist A World of Differe...

Changes in health care are driving more innovative tooling, including new machining strategies and cutting tools that deliver patient-centered solutions.

SMITHFIELD – The School Committee last week got into the specifics of elementary school reconfiguration as part of Stage III planning last week.Supt.

Universal Robots describes how one factory improved its operation with the use of a collaborative robot, or cobot.

The title of this blog post was taken from a popular educational text, If you don’t feed the teachers, they eat the students! by Neila Connors. The book doesn’t suggest that teachers need actual food or anything akin to the $148,000 gift bag recently given to all 25 acting and directing Oscar nominees to do their jobs. Instead, the book focuses on the need to nurture a strong culture among school staff through respect, collaboration, a fair income, and, yes, maybe some cookies…

Fidelty has a career opportunity for a Investment Consultant in Rochester, NY

Fidelty has a career opportunity for a Financial Consultant in Dublin, CA

Introducing GP Fit...our employee wellness program brand! The program encourages our employees to get involved and take the steps they need to be healthier and happier. Learn about our new wellness initiatives to boost workplace morale and help our employees prioritize personal health.

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PITTSFIELD — Brandon Asher previously was employed in the food service industry, which tends to be seasonal. He's looking for a more permanent job.Asher, 25, of Pittsfield, tried his luck …

"It's a change continuum: we moved past asking why, now we're in a place of how, and we're ready to go," said Head of Talent Andrea Hough.

Among the challenges all colleges and universities in the United States face is to provide students with the tools to tackle issues in industries that are evolving so quickly, they might not even exist yet. Bryant has been cultivating imaginative leaders who have the ability to think innovatively on their feet since its founding in 1863. What differentiates this small, private university?

"America lacks a national strategy that prioritizes youth apprenticeship as an effective talent pipeline to boost the sector’s competitiveness and spread economic opportunity across the country,” says Brent Parton, of New America.

Find live FIFA Women's World Cup scores, player & team news, videos, rumors, stats, standings, team schedules and more at FOX Sports.

One of the lessons I’ve taken to heart in my career is how important learning from others is. Over the years, I’ve worked with many leaders whose actions and attitudes have informed and influenced my approach to work and life.

Sharon Kelly says one of the hardest parts about being a foster parent is letting them go, but that shouldn't stop anyone from doing it.

One of my favorite things about Mother’s Day is my family’s brunch. I look forward to it every year.

The MENTOR Network is the Flagship Provider of FCT In March, the Family Centered Treatment Foundation was awarded a $1.9 million Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration grant sponsored by the National Child Trauma Stress Network. The grant will be used to enhance and increase access to Family Centered Treatment® (FCT©), an evidence-based model...