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For almost all skin cancers, the environmental carcinogen is sunlight, according to Professor Richard Marais. Here's how scientists uncovered the link.

The Franciscan Sisters Room is a breakout room for bigger conventions going on in the hotel, but they say the sisters will also have the ability to use it as they wish.

Thank you for your support of our ministry. Your generous and consistent support of our organization provides the support we need to continue in our mission to lead people to follow Jesus. We have made it easier to give online--view instructions on how to give online today

Intermittent fasting is a hot topic these days. This type of eating pattern involves an “eating window” and a “fasting window,” rather than a style of eating that pertains to food groups or macronutrients. The length of each window can differ depending on the style you choose to adopt
Fasting, documented throughout history for its benefits, has been adopted all around the world and is now…

According to a Gallup poll, on average, children spend 18.6 hours per week play on screens. “This is starting to be a societal issue,” said Beth Sherden, the director of

About-Face arms teen girls with the tools to fight back against a culture that diminishes and disempowers them. In-person programs and online resources.

It may be hard to raise the subject, but embarrassment and stigma has kept many patients in the dark about their disease and treatment. A new ad campaign launched this week pushes relatives to speak up.

What is Image Personalization? Personalization has reached a new dimension! Eye-catching, personalized images drive recipients to REACT!!! Imagine… a direct mail campaign using personalized images in order to show each recipient’s name burned into wood, made out of BBQ ribs, lit up in fireworks, etched in snow, a whipped topping on a pie… THE POSSIBILITIES