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What is a carbon offset
A carbon offset is an official recognition of the reduction of one metric ton of carbon dioxide emissions. Many industrial, commercial, and agricultural activities produce carbon dioxide emissions. When a project developer implements a project that reduces the amount of emissions stemming from an activity, or undertakes a reforestation project that removes CO2 from the atmosphere, these projects can generate carbon…

UnionCommunity has released its new NScan-FMSE biometric fingerprint scanner with a built-in secure chip and a dual encryption system for enhanced physical security and encrypted stored templates, …

TI's new current-sense amplifier and comparators enable smaller personal electronics, enterprise, industrial and communications applications
DALLAS, June 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Instruments (TI) (NASDAQ:TXN) today introduced the industry’s smallest current-sense amplifier in a leaded package and the smallest, most accurate comparators with an internal 1.2-V or 0.2-V reference. Offered in industry-leading package options, the INA185 current-sense amplifier, and open-drain TLV4021 and push-pull TLV4041 comparators enable…

A new report from Mindtree has put its focus on seven technology categories that will drive enterprises’ technology strategy in the next 12 months. These incl

There are quite a few claims made about software platforms that often raise a smile in IT departments. Solutions that purport to make the large swathes of

Over the years I have found there are four levels of communication that we can utilize in any environment. These levels are part of the people lens tool set in my first book, 9Lenses. ... Read More

Companies need to ensure that their network is performing at the levels they expect - using network monitoring tools can help them do that.

Harmonic announced that Television Broadcast Limited (TVB) has deployed Harmonic’s EyeQ™ content-aware encoding for its myTV SUPER OTT platform.

A new study has revealed on average people could be ingesting approximately five grams of plastic every week, which is the equivalent weight of a credit card.

Whether in Tokyo, Tel Aviv or Toronto, we’re building towards a more connected business world, and AI will eventually become the singular thread that links us together.

When it comes to styling a monochromatic look, the rule of thumb is to colorblock, but there are plenty of ways to make this trend work with your style!

Open Studio and Zentangle®
At University Art, 2601 J Street, Sacramento, CA
Bring an unfinished work in any 2-D medium (watercolor, acrylic, sketch.. from this series of classes or otherwise) to finish. This is a great opportunity to receive helpful advice from a professional artist on how to finish your work so that you are satisfied and feel confident. We will have fun exploring fine art…

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Biometric authentication can be used to reinforce or replace passwords that are often criticized for being unsecure. But before implementing this technology, enterprises should familiarize themselves with it.

Corps Results at Moonlight Classic, Sacramento, CA. Official Final score and recap information by Drum Corps International.

Distributed Architecture and Service Mesh
Increased adoption of microservices at scale necessitated common cross-service orthogonal needs like resiliency, service discovery, location transparency, security, etc to be handled in a standardized, scalable and infrastructure independent manner. Service Mesh has evolved as the answer - an abstraction layer for providing these aspects integrated with services in the compute cluster, itself configurable through APIs. By abstracting away common cross-service…

Corps Results at DCI West, Stanford, CA. Official Final score and recap information by Drum Corps International.

and submit them for a chance to win recognition
and awards in the 2019 UArt Open
11th Annual Open Art Competition & Exhibition
& High School Emerging Artists Competition
The University Art “UArt Open” is an annual art competition and
exhibition held to promote the arts and to showcase outstanding work in a…

Corps Results at MidCal Champions Showcase, Clovis, CA. Official Final score and recap information by Drum Corps International.

This umbrella tho! // Disney Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Umbrella

Smart technology and 5G can work in concert to flood the health system with patient data and bring care to anywhere.

Happy Friday! The following are my favorite style & pop culture images, articles, and moments to wrap up the week. Enjoy!

Companies are struggling to scale and sustain their digital transformation efforts. But why?

In Redwood City and Sacramento
Quick Sketching the Human Body with Laura Schofield
Saturday, August 17th from 10 – 12
At University Art, 2550 El Camino Real, Redwood City, CA
This workshop introduces the student to quick drawing faces and the human body. In class we will cover proportion, perspective, shading, line work, and the different styles of quick sketching. Many students feel that drawing the human form can be difficult. In this fun and easy workshop, you are allowed to make mistakes!…

Every minute you spend online is a cyber security test. Even when you aren’t facing threats directly, the dozens of businesses you trust with your digital life and reputation likely are. As our dependence on the internet continues to grow and the risks we face become more complex, cyber security basics matter more every day. …

The Indian central bank has been persuaded to reconsider a controversial law that mandates payments data should not be allowed to leave India's borders.

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The company’s SD-WAN solutions will now include an enterprise offering leveraging Versa Network’s Secure Cloud IP software platform.

Netflix’s latest series “The Society” follows a group of high school students trying to survive in a town without adults The students must learn how to do everything for themselves. In order to secure food supply, they have no choice but to learn how to farm sustainably if their limited resources are to last long enough to allow them to survive. This may leave you wondering what this has to do with using innovative tech to feed the earth. Well, the situation faced…

Today kicks off an exclusive wellness series with the lovelies of LAKA Living, starting with a simple and delicious milkshake recipe perfect for summer...

Ellen loves sending her writers to talk to strangers while using only song lyrics, so this time around, hidden cameras were placed in a local World Market, and writers Lauren and Bente chatted with unsuspecting customers... speaking only lyrics from Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and more.

How can you see the impact of changes to your data center? Our industry-leading digital twin is a 3D virtual model of your physical data center and can be used to test design and operational changes.

Among the highlights of the second day of ID4Africa 2019 in Johannesburg, South Africa, was a packed and at time contentious informational session presenting the findings of five experts in infant …

Billy Porter has proven himself a fashion maven and has broken through stereotypes, gender and fashion norms, on and off the red carpet.

Please check here: for the next heise devSec! The world of computer security keeps changing. New kinds of attackers appear, with ...

A network performance test is designed to gather information about a network, specifically in regards to how certain factors are affecting performance.