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Life Drawing! Hey all you sketchy people! Are you ready for
an X-Tremely Astonishing drawing night? If so, look no further as we
bring two of the Classic Uncanny Merry Mutants from X-Men to our
stage! In anticipation for the new movie coming out in June, we have
for our drawing pleasure Aaron Bogan and ANudeMuse as Cyclops and
Phoenix! So get X-Statix, grab your Ultimate drawwwering materials,
Factor in some cool ideas, and we'll see you, the First Class,

Veena Dubal – The CEOs of the two top-competing gig firms—Uber and Lyft—penned a June 12, 2019 OpEd in the San Francisco Chronicle in which they claim that after over six years of local, sta…

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Hubba Hubba Revue's "Burlesque Nation!" FACEBOOK EVENT: ALL VIDEOS:

Hubba Hubba Revue's "Burlesque Nation!" FACEBOOK EVENT: ALL VIDEOS:

In places like San Francisco, where the cost of living is high and housing is limited, more and more people in need are taking refuge in libraries. Now a growing number of libraries across the country are hiring social workers to fill the need in their communities.

New York -- Beaver is claiming that their new beach bikini extra-supportive, fish odor-absorbing garment represents a huge step forward for women.
Beaver, the sportswear corporation, unveiled the new beach bikini Tuesday showcasing the absolute la...

Not shying away from applying antiquated and little-used statutes in the interest of protecting the United States government from the actions of journalists, federal prosecutors have added a 19th count to the 18-count indictment against Wikileaks fou...

Now Would Be A Good Time To 'Remember The Maine'. And A Few Other Things.
Well, it looks like we are going to get ourselves into another Mid East snafu. Bolton wants to go manu-a-manu with Iran (as long as someone else does the actual fighting. He...

Introduced: Status: Enacted
Permits any third party payer to require a utilization review for hospital admissions and continued hospital stays for payment of hospital services. The third party payer may contract to withhold payment for hospital services to …
Introduced: Status: Enacted
The Illinois Health Information Exchange Authority exists to to serve as a State-level electronic medical records exchange providing for the transfer of health information…

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As director of applied innovation at UC Hastings College of the Law, Alice Armitage oversees two innovation-focused projects at the law school: LexLab, a

The new program will make family travel even more enjoyable through its three pillars: comfort, imagination and exploration.

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Door Time: 8:00 PM
Restrictions: 21 & over
June 22nd at @boomboomroomsf will be a great night to be at the BBR.
This is a Stellar All Star Show with:
“East Bay Funk with New Orleans Soul”
Daniel Casares – (New Mastersounds) on sax and vocals
Joe Bagale – (mastermind behind Otis McDonald) on drums and vocals
Jason Muscat – (Tainted Love) on bass
Mike Olmos – (Etta James, New Mastersounds) on trumpet
Ben Misterka – (Collectivity) on guitar
East Bay Funk…