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The 11th Annual Brewfest and Father's Day BBQ at Snowbird will feature over two dozen local and regional breweries along with delicious food and live music.

Homelessness. Brokenness. Many lives that have been destroyed by addiction and poverty. We hear the story time and time again: Homeless friends who have had poor role models growing up—sometimes these adults have introduced their children to drugs and alcohol, resulting in their own destructive lifestyle
The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake can help. We walk alongside people who are experiencing homelessness and addiction. Showing them…

A thought piece on what it takes to truly be great and what that even means in the first place.

Using genomics, our scientists can analyze your DNA to look for known disease-causing gene mutations. If these are present, it can often indicate a higher risk for related disease.

Intermountain Healthcare and University of Utah Health were named as two of the 150 Top Places to Work in Health care by Becker's Hospital Review.

Make a healthier macaroni and cheese with this recipe that uses healthy substitutions to improve the nutritional quality without sacrificing flavor.

There are many things that "saved" me when I came to the Rescue Mission. First and foremost, it was developing a relationship with Jesus Christ. But I didn't expect God to use the work therapy portion of the Rescue Mission's New Life Program to make such a big change within me
For the past 15 years, I have been in and out of jail and addicted to meth and other drugs. During this time. I didn't do a lot of work, other than…

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Phone: 801.355.1302 – Donations: 801.746.1006

We are delighted to share the conference schedule for the ACH2019 conference.
If you have questions about the schedule, please contact the program committee co-chairs: Roopika Risam and Patrick Juola .

Utah Poison Control is available 24/7 for free, expert, and confidential poison help and information by calling 1-800-222-1222. YouTube is not monitored for ...

I am pleased with the White House’s announcement that I am being appointed to the National Science Board (NSB), which provides advice and oversight for the National Science Foundation (NSF). In recognition of this honor and responsibility, I have been reflecting on how much the NSF has shaped my career over the past 35 years, and how much I […]

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Utah senior golfer Kyler Dunkle is tied for second after the first day of the NCAA Golf Championships after shooting a 3-under-par first round (69).

Knowing how to start hiking with your kids can be tricky. If you do too much all at once your kids will hate it and make everyone miserable.

The community is coming together to imagine more for the university with its first-ever U Giving Day, May 21-22.

You can help reduce your risk of stroke by making healthy lifestyle changes.

When scientists need to save an endangered species, sometimes the solution is straightforward. But sometimes, conservation requires that you built a robot, search for poop, or devise a seemingly en…

Answer: Gladiator - Seinfeld
Answer: The Bible Project - Ultra Running
Worst job you have had?
Answer: Supervisor on production line
Best vacation?
Food you absolutely refuse to eat?
Answer: Liver
Answer: Running

NAMI Utah offers free support groups and education for anyone impacted by mental health conditions throughout Utah – including those with mental health conditions and their family members or loved one...

Mental health courts provide a rehabilitative alternative to jail or prison for individuals who've committed crimes because of a mental illness, but what the court is and how it works remains enigmatic to many.

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The Gift of Massage Never Gets Old
There are few things that say you care about someone’s well-being as much as the gift of a massage. What could be as personal and loving? A massage offers stress relief, pain management, and total relaxation,…

The National Association of Health Data Organizations (NAHDO) is seeking an Executive Director to strengthen and build upon existing program and lead it through its next stage of development. More information on the position description and how to apply can be found here Contact for more information or questions.

Being a mom is hard work. It's even harder when you're homeless. We hear the story again and again on the streets: Many of our homeless friends had poor role models growing up--sometimes these adults even introduced them to drugs and alcohol leading to a life ravaged by addiction
The Rescue Mission of Salt Lake helps moms who are experiencing homelessness become the great moms they…

Unified Sports® joins people with and without intellectual disabilities on the same team
Inspired by the simple principle that training and playing together is a quick path to friendship and understanding, Unified Sports® began in 1988 as an initiative to bring to bring together athletes of all abilities. Having sport in common is just one more way that preconceptions and false ideas are swept away. Young…

May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month, here are six activities to get moving.

About five years ago, my mom died after a battle with cancer. It was terrible watching her struggle for so long. A year later my sister, still grief-stricken due to the loss of our mother, took her own life
These two events put me into the worst depression of my life, which spiraled into severe addiction, and found me walking into the Rescue Mission eight months ago, looking for help.
When I walked into the Rescue Mission I was broken spiritually and physically.…

A recently released study of 140 U.S. companies found that those who embrace best practices for employing and supporting more persons with disabilities in

Which cannabis strains can help you stay focused and productive whether you're fighting ADD/ADHD or just in need of a concentration boost?

Some of the most essential generic medications are about to become more available and more affordable, putting patients first. Civica Rx, a nonprofit drug manufacturing company based in Lehi, will make at least 14 drugs available this year.