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To the lay people of the United Methodist Church in South Carolina, For starters, dear Reader, you may not be any of the above things (a lay person, a Methodist, and/or in South Carolina). By lay p…

Delegate elections for the 2020 General Conference are now mostly complete in America. Methodists all over the world are following the numbers like it’s November during a Presidential election year. Leaders on all sides are declaring victory in a very divided atmosphere. How anyone can claim victory during such a tense season is beyond me. …

One place had a black substance in an ice machine; three had eight violations: Here are recent restaurant inspections for the Leesburg area.

Can you reduce dementia risk? A new study suggest mental and physical activities can greatly reduce risk later in life.

Get a fabulous faux tan with some easy tanning tips and this celebrity guide. Take a hint from the best celebrity tans in this gallery, and stay far away from the fried ones.

How to Prove a Texting and Driving Accident in North Carolina
National prevention campaigns to end texting and driving accidents have such titles as “It Can Wait,” “U Drive. U Text. U Pay.” and “Famous Last Words,” namely to reach the 660,000 people continuing to

Breaded and fried bacon is sure to set the tone for a great summer of sunshine, country music and quality company. Read the recipe here!

Sermon: 6/9/2019, 10:30 Service Rev. Steve Holler Pentecost Sunday Acts 2: 1-21

Roundup® Cancer Lawsuit: Call Us Immediately If You Think You've Been Affected by Exposure to Roundup or Glyphosate. Learn More Here.
Recent studies have linked Roundup® Weed Killer to cause these 4 types of cancers in people who have had regular exposure to the product.
The product, made by Monsanto contains a chemical called Glyphosate, which is

Prevent a Hairy Situation
June is Men’s Health Month – a good time to remember that prevention can go a long way to keeping you healthy. Preventive screenings can help you catch health problems early when they may be more easily treatable
Body mass index, or BMI, is a way to determine if you’re at a healthy weight for your height. BMI is a person’s weight in kilograms divided by the square of height in meters.
A BMI from 18.5 to 24.9…

Gabby and Danh were sitting on a bench carved from a giant bodi log that washed onto the beach of their community in a recent hurricane. Like other storm debris, this one had been repurposed by one of the local artisans. Gabby and Danh had taken to hanging out here so much lately that people …

Apple Monday provided a first glimpse of iOS 13 due this fall, giving CarPlay and Apple Maps a new look and new features. In a keynote speech at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the company showed a new CarPlay format that leaves room on the side for other info such as music or maps. CarPlay …

What usually starts innocently enough as taking pain medication appropriately prescribed by a doctor, can turn into a deadly addiction for some. On this segm...

A temporary ban has been placed on offshore drilling in South Carolina. South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster has signed off on a budget proviso that stops South Carolina from issuing permits that wouldl allow offshore drilling equiptment and activity on South Carolina beaches. State Representative Russell Fry explained the bill a bit further. "It doesn't prohibit drilling," he said.

+One light Sunless spray tan per month
+20% discount on products the day of sign up

This one’s a remarkable one. A former Winthrop soccer star and his wife are reflecting on their international trip which focused on the women of Uganda. Their international help is why they are our latest CN2 Hometown Hero. In the video above, learn more about the Henry Kalungi Foundation and what the couple is doing …

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Karen had a kidney transplant that lasted her over 25 years but when it failed, it was her brother who gave the ultimate gift of life to his sister. But that...

www.campbellandassociateslaw.com/ What is the most rewarding part of working at Campbell & Associates?

Deep South Lacrosse will be hosting its second Goalie Clinic on Saturday, June 29th from 10am-1pm at Trinity Preparatory School. Clinic topics will include: The Save

www.100yearlifestyle.com www.facebook.com/100yearlifestyle In this clip, Dr. Eric Plasker, Doctor of Chiropractic and bestselling author of The...

As you prepare for the arrival of your new child it’s very important to do your pre-baby financial planning . The most important thing to remember is…

Meet in the downstairs classroom in the Student Chapel
Jennifer & Michael Polston (co-leaders)
Dear Parent
I want to let you know that we’ve just covered lesson three of Proof , the 6-lesson study from the Book of John that teaches about Jesus’ identity through John’s eyes.The first lesson laid the foundation for the proof of Jesus’ identity by establishing Jesus as the “Word” who came as a human being to open the door for…

Last year, DAODAS launched the "Just Plain Killers" campaign and Thursday the agency unveiled another component of that effort. Governor Henry McMaster joined DAODAS and state lawmakers to announce the newest feature in the state's opioid addiction prevention campaign.

Google has scrapped its Android Auto app for phones and replaced it with an updated Google Assistant app with a sleek Driving Mode. When in the car, users can say “Hey Google, let’s drive,” to launch the new mode. Then the phone shows a dashboard with large buttons for navigation, calls and music/media. It makes …

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MAITLAND, Fla. (May 3, 2019) - Deep South Lacrosse is proud to sponsor the FSLCA 2019 Florida Senior All-Star Game. The Deep South Lacrosse sponsorship will provide each player with custom equipment which includes a uniform, shooting shirt, helmet and gloves for their participation in the game. Dee

Books, songs, movement, sensory experiences, and play time for all children, especially those with sensory integration challenges. Ages 11 and under, with an adult. Register online or call 803-831-7774, starting April 27. Limit 12.
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