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Germs that might make you and your family sick can enter your water during floods and storms. These germs can cause diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal cramps, headaches, or other symptoms. Have the safe water you need before, during, and after the storm
Stock Up on Water
Bottled Water
Keep enough NYS-certified bottled water to last your family for 3 to 7 days. This means having 2 gallons per person per day. Bottled water is the best choice for drinking and preparing food if your…

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Daan Braveman argues for more free speech on campus and against the notion college is too expensive.

Rochester researchers have sequenced one of the most repetitive parts of the fruit fly genome, unlocking one of the “last frontiers of genome assembly.”

One particular type of brain stimulation may aid in faster vision recovery by enhancing the brain’s ability to process visual information.

The majority of factory workers in the world today are domestic or international migrants. Their time in the factory is characterized by suboptimal working conditions, long hours, limited space for working and living and, in some cases, harassment.

A medical examination of a 1,000-year-old Buddha statue has revealed a shocking surprise hidden inside.

Memorial Day weekend – the unofficial start of summer – will be here soon, signaling the time for outdoor summer fun. The American Red Cross wants everyone to enjoy the season and offers safety tips you can follow all summer long.

A stunning series of X-ray images by medical specialist and artist Arie van ’t Riet explores the inner workings of animals and plants

A lot of times it may seem as if there just isn't enough time to do everything you want. That's why it is great to have some options.

Dr Saif Abed, founding partner of health IT consultancy firm AbedGraham, looks at how interoperability could "break healthcare".

The processes that drive creativity have been so mysterious to us throughout human history—why we create art and inherently crave fantasy—that terms like “divine inspiration” have frequently been used to describe what underlies the inception of great creative works
In times past, of course, divine forces were used to explain just about anything which was brought about by unseen machinations—natural disasters, diseases, etc. Now that we…