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On Saturday, July 20, the Sparks Library is set to host a Drag Queen Story Time. The event will have two drag queens, Ginger Devine and Aspen Meadows, reading to kids LGBTQ related stories. Jeff Scott, Washoe County Library Director, says he has already received feedback from a number of people regarding the event. Scott says, We had right now about 122 responses. About 75 of those have been positive and the rest have been negative not wanting us to have a program.

Don't get caught making 4 common security mistakes, keep your building, its assets, and your occupants secure with these tips.

Food dominates the franchise world. Here, we rank the strongest brands in 14 tasty categories.

115 Likes, 1 Comments - Black Hole Body Piercing 🖤BVLA (@blackholebodypiercing) on Instagram: “Little marquis fan tucked away in this healed conch.”

Reynolds senior participated in the Momenta Workshop in February 2019, taking a series of photographs for the L.A. Corps.

Each year, Pinterest releases a list of the coming year’s top emerging home style trends. We’ve picked our five favorite.

Professor of Geography and US Army veteran paratrooper Ken Nussear participated in the 75th anniversary reenactment of D-Day

"At eight years old, I was nearsighted, as pale as an egg, and shaped like one from the side effects of asthma drugs, but I dreamed of life as a cowgirl, as a knight with a braid coiled under her helmet, or as a Pawnee princess who leaned her cheek against her pony's neck as they roamed the West."- Terri Farley

The quintessential street band will play the Biggest Little Street Party in the World
War will be the final band to perform Saturday at the Great Eldorado BBQ, Brews & Blues Festival, firing upon the Fourth Street Stage at 6:30 p.m., an hour after Elvin Bishop’s Big Fun Trio play from the Third Street Stage.
“We are going to make sure that we have a chain and pull everybody around the corner because we are WAR — We Are Ready,” said Lonnie Jordan,…

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The major stock indexes fell about 5% in May and rebounded most of the loss in June so far in one week. Source: CNBC.com
Stocks fell because of the Chinese and the 5% Mexican tariff announcement. There will probably be a positive announcement on the Mexican tariff front as tariffs will hurt our economy and the auto industry. In a positive development, Fed officials said they would be open to reducing interest rates if the tariffs…

Special Collections, Jon Bilbao Basque Library recently invited Holly Moore, the Lloyd E. Cotsen Head of Preservation and Conservation for the Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Garden, in for an evaluation of how the departments are storing their valuable materials

The Healthy Nevada Project is one of the first, fastest-moving, community-based population health studies in the U.S.

Darrell Plummer is the broker and owner of Sierra Nevada Properties (SNP). SNP is a real estate firm specializing in Residential and Commercial Real Estate as well…

Green roofs can host a spectrum of amenities, from rooftop conference rooms to gardens. This urban beekeeping service adds homegrown honey to the list.

The Sparks Fire Department responded to a fire at a metal recycling facility near Greg Street on Monday afternoon. No one was hurt and the fire is out.

One man is in the hospital with non-life threatening injuries after being stabbed in downtown Reno. Reno Police say that the man was stabbed at around 5:00 p.m.. Officials say the man reported th...

Learn more about Materials Pavilion: www.interiorsandsources.com/resources/materials-pavilion 0:52 - Wallcoverings from Studioart, Unique prints and ...

Urtica dioica can decrease menopausal hot flashes and increase the quality of life of postmenopausal women.

A thing that has been missing in our shop for way too long: a functioning espresso machine. Let me tell you, I have missed this daily ritual. This morning I had a shot and my immediate reaction was, "Oh, one more!" So, I went for one more. Quite frankly, that did not satisfy my desire for this sorely missed taste sensation. You guessed it, one more shot. These are doubles by the way, which means I am hearing colors and seeing sounds

Stress-reducing effect of cookies containing matcha green tea: essential ratio among theanine, arginine, caffeine and epigallocatechin gallate.