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Beyoncé shared a teaser clip Sunday for her wildly anticipated duet with Donald Glover on “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” ahead of “The Lion King.”

A hairstylist shares his journey for making extraordinary money in his 20s by building a brand via Instagram and co-owning a salon in metro Detroit.

Air Canada is reviewing a passenger's claim that she was left sleeping on a cold, dark and empty plane for hours after a flight landed.

“Don’t flail your arms when you’re near the sharks,” warned the instructor. Steve Cronin, a longtime scuba diver, had never swum near sharks before. But his girlfriend figured a ticket into one of the

Often, courts rely on case law, not the text and original meaning of the Constitution itself. But soon the tide could be starting to turn.

Think about your last trip to the grocery store: How many plastic bags did you use? Did you shop for seasonal produce? Did you check to see where your cut of fresh fish was sourced? Though many of us probably restock your kitchen on at least a…

Living in a tight budget is stressful. You feel like cutting down your crucial expenses but this is not the case. You can put a little effort

Apple announced a voluntary recall of certain 15-inch MacBook Pro mostly sold between between September 2015 and February 2017. Batteries may overheat.

Belpointe REIT will focus on multifamily, student housing and seniors housing projects.

Among the measures, Google will establish a $250 million investment fund that will provide incentives to developers to build at least 5,000 affordable housing units.

Failing to invest in maintenance and not changing the air filter are two of the easiest ways to destroy the efficiency of your AC.

Three-time Oscar winner Paul Ottosson and the Sony Pictures sound team took a "fun and quirky" approach to the reboot.

Terry Mai and the Water of Life Boys singing It Is Finished from 2012 Lyrics: It is finished Christ is come It was written of God's Son For behold the Lamb H...

"Terry Mai and the Water of Life Boys singing I Saw the Lord from 2012 Lyrics: The place was white as snow And pure as finest gold It had the look of new It ...