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Ford Motor Co. issued several recalls, including more than 1.2 million Ford Explorer SUVs and more than 120,000 Ford F-150 pickup trucks.

The Gulf of Mexico 'dead zone' – a region of oxygen-depleted water that's harmful to sea life – will be the second-largest on record this summer.

A work spouse can be a positive relationship and tends to be a stress reliever. It can become a problem is when the relationship crosses boundaries.

Tony Rodham had numerous financial difficulties, including failed businesses anda string of shaky investment deals.

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From "Snowpiercer" to "Pose" to "Riverdale, here are the five best movies and TV shows new to streaming this May that are worth adding to your Netflix, Hulu and other queues.

Large amounts of melting snow in the region has raised flood concerns, and rain this week pushed the Mississippi River crest in Davenport to record highs.