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Police said an Indiana man posed as a millionaire online, established a relationship with a teen in Alaska and convinced the girl to kill her friend.

Detroit Youth Choir, a community-based group led by Choir Director Anthony White, reminded "America's Got Talent" host Terry Crews of himself.

Tom Hanks returns for another animated go-round as Woody in Disney's 'Toy Story 4' while fostering his America's dad label on screen and off.

Bella Thorne is flatly rejecting Whoopi Goldberg's criticisms as "sick and disgusting" after her nude photo scandal.

We're getting older, and the global population is expected to peak at about 11 billion, the U.N. Population Division found.

The summer solstice – the precise moment when the sun is at its highest point in the sky each year – occurs Friday at 11:54 a.m. EDT.

Bill Cosby is doing “extremely well” in prison, giving motivational speeches to his fellow inmates and working out.

Terry Mai and the Water of Life Boys singing It Is Finished from 2012 Lyrics: It is finished Christ is come It was written of God's Son For behold the Lamb H...

"Terry Mai and the Water of Life Boys singing I Saw the Lord from 2012 Lyrics: The place was white as snow And pure as finest gold It had the look of new It ...

Terry Mai and the Water of Life Boys singing I Am You Said to Me Audio downloads are available at: www.doyledavidson.com/music/music_download.shtml Yo...

When companies regard so many full-fledged workers as independent contractors, without employment and pay protection, it takes a toll on our economy and society.

Donald Trump's supporters arrived early to get prime seats for the Orlando rally, waiting beneath cloudy skies and enduring heat and humidity.

The ‘co’ movement is flourishing with coliving steadily gaining traction. While coliving has enjoyed a surge in recent years, coliving is very much...

A day after Manny Machado was hit with a one-game suspension, the MLB Umpires Association issued a scathing statement on Twitter.

Four people suffered non-life-threatening injuries as a result of a shooting near the end of the Toronto Raptors parade route Monday.

W hat do you want to be doing one year from today?? You could be in Israel with your
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Adat Chaverim Goes to Israel!
For 2,000 years Jews have yearned to return to the Land of Israel. For 20 years Adat Chaverim has yearned to visit Israel, our ancestral home. Finally, in the year 2020 we will! Valerie Klein, Director of Education, will lead Adat Chaverim’s first ever Family Israel Trip where you will have the opportunity to see both…

Enterprise users are shaking up the real estate industry by demanding better spaces for their employees, say executives at flexible office firms WeWork, Industrious and CommonGrounds Workplace.

What is the History of Crime Scene Photography? Where did it all begin? How has crime scene photography evolved & what changes can we expect...

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Forty gold angels sitting on swings watch over commuters at St Paul's tube station in this London Festival of Architecture installation by KHBT and Ottmar Hörl.