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A short read about what cucumbers can do for you and some vitamins that they provide in celebration of National Cucumber Day.

Sprains and strains are terms often used interchangeably but but they are actually two completely different conditions. Find out here!

Tanya Harrison has been fascinated by space since she was 5 and now works on rocks and robots on Mars. But her hobby is about as far from space as you can get

This is a difficult question to answer, but in most cases I would say no, not without a few modifications. The main reason for this is due to test requirement variances between defense and commercial standards. For example, MIL-STD-461 uses Test Method CE102 to evaluate the conducted emissions levels on a product’s input power lines …

Gilat’s aero-modem to enable regional IFC services starting with China
Petah Tikva, Israel, May 13, 2019 — Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: GILT), a worldwide leader in satellite networking technology, solutions and services, announced today that Honeywell has selected Gilat’s Taurus IFC modem for its JetWave™ satellite communication system
The integration of Gilat’s aero-modem will enable Honeywell to offer its JetWave solution within territories as…

We often underestimate what music can do for us in terms of productivity. But why is music so important for your motivation? Let’s find out.

Honeywell’s Surface Indications and Alerts System has completed initial phase of flight testing to improve safety for pilots, passengers and other aircraft on busy airport runways.

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You’ve promised to get your son the cutest creature in creation: the cuddly. Can you outsmart the cuddly incubator and go home a hero? -- You’ve promised to ...

Some patients might be hesitant to visit the doctor for a urinary tract infection. However, untreated UTIs can result in serious consequences.

People who have specific morning routines are more likely to stay focused throughout the day. Try implementing these morning habits today!

Changing careers has likely come to mind at some point. For most, however, that’s often where it ends--at a thought. Here’s what you should do to make your career change actually happen.

If you're having a rough day, one way to help turn that frown upside down may be as simple as doing just that. A new study reveals that smiling actually makes people feel happier.

Lynette Romero linked up with some 5th grade student inventors at Olinda Elementary in Brea. For more information on their creation, the Vest Buddy, contact Nichole Pichardo at Brea Olinda Unified School District.
Originally aired on KTLA 5 Weekend Morning News on Sunday, April 14, 2019.

Yoga is universally supported by healthcare professionals for its health benefits. Stress relief, spiritual enlightenment, and improved energy are just a couple of the known benefits of yoga. But could yoga do even more for your physical health?

Healthpointe is looking for a new Back Office Medical Assistant at their clinic in Colton, CA. Positions are limited so apply today!

Excessive mobile device screen time can have a negative impact on a person. You may need to take action to alter your behavior if necessary.

Do you meet the requirements for blood donation? Before you arrive at the donor center, make sure you know what to expect.

Chart Industries Inc. has announced that it has booked a US$135 million order for the cold box and brazed aluminium heat exchanger equipment content on Venture Global’s Calcasieu Pass LNG export terminal.

Chart Industries, Inc, a leading diversified global manufacturer of highly engineered equipment for the industrial gas and energy industries, has booked a $135 million order for the cold box and brazed aluminum heat exchanger equipment content on Venture Global??s Calcasieu Pass liquefied natural gas (LNG) export terminal project.

No doubt you've heard all kinds of terrible health advice and fads through the ages. Find out which is victorious in this bracket of "medical madness!"

Chances are, you’re no stranger to a headache every now and then, and sometimes, they may be so painful that you feel like you won’t be able to go on with your day. While headaches can happen for any number of reasons, it is important to understand when a headache is a signifier of a more life-threatening condition. When an over-the-counter pain killer offers no relief, it may be an indication that medical intervention is necessary
Headache Pain
Headaches are interesting because they…

While greasy food has long been heralded as the best hangover cure, there's no reason you can't elect to take a healthier approach for treatment.

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Unplanned, random snacking interferes with kids' appetites and can disrupt their natural instinct to experience hunger and fullness. But well-timed snacks can actually help kids achieve a healthy weight.

Back pain is common, but there are some symptoms associated with back pain that you shouldn't overlook. Find out what they are by reading this blog today.

Remember that old myth about Achilles and his weak point--his heel? Do you think the Achilles tendon is a weak spot for everyone or just him? Find out here!

It is important to understand what your body's needs are in regards to your diabetes treatment. If you know how your illness works, you can better treat it.