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Moving from one location to another can take a toll on the body if you aren't careful. It's important to use caution when tackling your move and employ certain moving methods that will prevent pain. Six such methods are described
Purge Prior to the Move
Most people know they're going to move before they have to. This gives you time to start purging unnecessary belongings prior to the day and getting rid of extra stuff that doesn't need to be hauled. It saves…

Following what’s on the rise could also be your downfall if you don’t show some caution, especially where health-related trends are concerned.

Meeting educational goals, it’s typical to don a cap and gown and step across a stage to accept your diploma.

May's Bike Month encourages people to get out and ride more often. Outdoor biking isn't the only option though. Even on cold, windy, or rainy days, you still have the opportunity to gain the benefits of biking by trying an indoor cycling bike. Both options provide benefits to those who choose to participate
Indoor Cycling
You can use indoor cycling on a stationary bike as a way to improve your fitness. An exercise bike works out your legs well. Pumping the pedals and…

April is National Gardening Month. The activity is beneficial for more than just the earth. It's worthwhile for the people doing the job. There is lots of goodness to gardening that helps to soothe the soul and bring more health benefits than one could imagine
Aerobic Exercise
Gardening is essentially a form of aerobic exercise. You'll work out your muscles as you reach toward your tools, pull out weeds, bend as you grab necessary equipment. All the while you'll be breathing in the…

Your daily, hourly and even instant decisions can impact your health. Learn how to make the best decisions you.

The chiropractic adjustment or manipulation is a physical maneuver performed by a doctor of chiropractic to spinal and extremity joints.

We’ve all heard about how sitting for a long period of time is bad for us - and yet, in the modern day office, most of our days are spent sitting. WGN 9 Chic...

For newborns and infants, the path to good health begins with a natural, drug-free approach and here are 4 reasons why chiropractic care can provide just that.

Seven healthy tips including chiropractic care, acupuncture and hydration, that will help you manage and find relief from seasonal allergies this year.

Understanding the importance of back health and why chiropractic care is the most practical healthcare solution for pain relief and preventative health.

Chiropractic not only provides a natural and drug-free healthcare solution for pain relief and preventative, it also helps save you money on pharmacy costs.